Mother Jones editor tells fellow lib ‘Put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger’

Mother Jones may need to add another word to its title if it’s going to allow its engagement editor, Ben Dreyfuss, to publish comments so profane and unhinged they would make a longshoreman wince.

Dreyfuss, who looks to be about 16 from his bio photo (below), apparently wasn’t paying attention when Barack Obama laughably called for civility during his painful last SOTU.

What set Dreyfuss off was an article at Ezra Klein’s by Danish programmer David Heinemeier Hansson titled “I became a millionaire overnight — and quickly realized that extreme wealth is overrated.”

Dreyfuss tweeted in response:

Ben Dreyfuss
Ben Dreyfuss

Hansson tweeted back:

It’s not at all clear what set Dreyfuss off. He evidently grew up in a well-to-do household. His father, actor Richard Dreyfuss, has an estimated net worth of $55 million. But apparently, it’s real wealth — not the piker variety — that has young Dreyfuss seeing red (as in the color of blood). He later tweeted:

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles

Ben Bowles is a freelance writer.

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