Top 10 list: Ten dumbest things said about San Bernardino shootings

The multimedia source Grabien has compiled a list of embarrassing comments made in the 24 hours since the shootings in San Bernardino occurred.

“From rank speculation to premature politicization,” the site writes, “the frequent departure from simply reporting factual information isn’t going well.”

The montage may be viewed here. The annotated list follows. Former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine earns the distinction of appearing twice in the list.

1) Sen. Tim Kaine saying the atrocity proves America is addicted to guns.

2) Former FBI assistant director, Tom Fuenteslater joined by CNN’s Harry Houck — speculating an anti-government “right-wing group” is behind the attack.

3) MSNBC reporting almost as soon as the shooting began that the city of San Bernardino houses a Planned Parenthood.

4) Gun control activist insisting Congress could stop these tragedies, it just chooses not to.

5) George Stephanopoulos portraying President Obama as another victim in the tragedy.

6) President Obama arguing the feds are powerless to stop suspected terrorists from buying guns. (Which is untrue.)

7) An MSNBC guest arguing armed self defense, including armed guards, provides no security benefit.

8. Chris Matthews wondering if the attack can be traced back to the American revolution.

9. NBC’s Kerry Saunders suggesting the Christmas party that was attack could have served as a “trigger” for the gunmen.

10. Sen. Tim Kaine arguing that, much like terrorists themselves, critics of increased gun control are the “voice of evil.”

LU Staff

LU Staff

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