Hillary’s Benghazi problems: Are Chelsea and Bill Clinton ‘secret witnesses?

Hillary’s Benghazi problems: Are Chelsea and Bill Clinton ‘secret witnesses?

Benghazi committee spokesperson Jamal Ware said the panel will spend the next few weeks interviewing “two individuals whose identities must remain secret,” according to an article published by Politico on Friday. After uncovering emails proving Hillary Clinton was sharing information about the Benghazi attack with her family, did the Benghazi investigative panel demand Chelsea’s and Bill Clinton’s emails and could Hillary’s husband and daughter be “the secret witnesses?”

During Hillary’s testimony, it was revealed that she was sharing information with a source unlikely to possess national security clearance at any level, her daughter Chelsea. In a private email to Chelsea, Hillary disclosed, “Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an al Quaeda-like group.” CNN reported that the email was read aloud on the House floor and that Mrs. Clinton was asked to respond to it. Please note that email was the only email referenced in the hearing and it was exclusively directed to Chelsea.

When  Hillary’s email to Chelsea was seized upon as proof that Hillary’s public statements differed from personal explanations about the Benghazi attack more than once, Representative Jim Jordan also made references to the information Hillary had shared with her “family.” Hillary’s family would include both Bill and Chelsea Clinton. Jordan said, “You tell the American people one thing, you tell your family an entirely different story.” Were there also emails to Bill which were not shared during the hearing?

Hillary has acknowledged deleting over 30,000 emails, claiming they were about Chelsea’s wedding, yoga, and other tidbits about family life. However, this tidbit was definitely not personal and it raises questions.

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Aside from speculation about why Hillary told her daughter one story about the Benghazi attack and publicly told the victims’ families and American people a completely different story about a protest gone bad over an inflammatory video, many wonder if Hillary erred by telling her daughter anything at all. Private citizens can appreciate the comfort and advice a trusted family member can offer after a day that Hillary described as very “hard.”

Still, this was no ordinary mother-daughter exchange. Does Hillary rely on her daughter and her husband for national security advice? Derek Hunter, once a press secretary for the Senate, asked:

Does Chelsea have special security clearance allowing her to receive real-time briefings on ongoing terrorist attacks on Americans? Are security clearances transmitted via DNA? Of course not.

Though the panel was tasked with investigating the killing of four Americans during a terrorist attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Democrats have repeatedly accused the Republicans on the House Benghazi committee of overreaching  for purely political reasons regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails.  After it was revealed Clinton used a private server, the emails of her aides have also been scrutinized by the committee. Democrats have objected, loudly and often. A CNN poll found three of four says the Benghazi hearings are politically motivated.

Following Hillary’s testimony about Benghazi, a long-awaited endorsement indicating Democrats believe Hillary has put the “fog of war” on her character behind her hit NBC Saturday. Obama ally, David Plouffe, gave Clinton his official nod even as the Clinton campaign may be waiting for the next shoe to drop, this time on Chelsea and Bill Clinton. Does the taint on Hillary’s character include her family?

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