Michael Moore has something he wants to put in a woman’s uterus

Michael Moore has something he wants to put in a woman’s uterus

Admittedly, just having the words “Michael Moore” and “woman’s uterus” appear in the same sentence would be considered a gross-out by a good number of people (e.g., many women).

But Moore is speaking more topically than you might think.  With the allusion to a woman’s uterus, he’s actually taking on the topic of the hour: “gun control.”  His point about a woman’s uterus has to do with getting Republicans interested in “regulating” guns (which he apparently imagines America is not doing now, and needs to start doing).

On Friday, Moore was responding to questions at the New York Film Festival press screening of his new documentary Where Do We Invade Next.  Although he commended the USA for its “massive choice” of cereals, and its superior performance in the hip-hop genre, he was mostly disparaging about things American, including politics and politicians.

When pressed for his views on Republicans, Moore offered this:

He added of the Republican Congress, “To say that you have the right to regulate a woman’s uterus but not guns. I think the only safe place for guns would be in a woman’s uterus,” he laughed. “I hope that came out right, and there’s the 140 character take away from this press conference.”

Moore has been famous for his 140-character take-aways on guns.  (He probably spent considerable time polishing the one about a woman’s uterus.)  After the LAX shooting in 2013, he uttered the deathless line “Guns don’t kill people, Americans kill people.”

Who could forget Moore’s opinion, expressed when the film American Sniper hit theaters in January, that “snipers are cowards”?

Later in 2015, he seemed to suddenly see utility in the Second Amendment when he suggested that police should all be disarmed, and citizens should use guns to protect themselves until the “right cops” could be hired.

Moore is perennially undeterred by his evident ignorance, so we shouldn’t be surprised.  Interestingly, it does seem to have been safe, in one sense, for an Oklahoma woman to park a .22-caliber handgun in a neighboring region of her anatomy during an illicit drug operation in 2013.  As LU reported at the time, the gun in question was secreted in her vagina, while she was being processed by police, but it never went off.

For completeness, we note that, as indicated, the felony charge in Oklahoma against Christie Dawn Harris was for concealing the gun in her vagina.  There is no information to suggest precedents in law or law enforcement regarding the separate issue of guns in a woman’s uterus.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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