Another university threatens to punish students who fail to mind their Ps and Cs

Another university threatens to punish students who fail to mind their Ps and Cs

When it rains political correctness, it pours. Earlier, LU reported on the policy of faculty members Washington State University who said they will punish students who use non-PC terms like “male,” “female,” and “illegal alien” by lowering their grades or failing them altogether.

Now comes word of a similarly loony practice at North Carolina State University, where a professor of gender studies is warning students to refrain from using any “sexist language” in their writing, or else face penalties to their grades.

The sexism that professor Nancy Bishop hopes to squelch includes words like “mankind” and he” when used to describe a non-gendered person.

“Thanks to evolution, generalized pronouns and other biased references are no longer acceptable in any class,” warns Bishop in a syllabus obtained by The College Fix. “You may NOT use ‘he’ or ‘him’ or ‘man’ to refer to both men and women. ‘Mankind’ can be replaced by ‘humans’ or ‘humankind,’ and ‘he’ can be ‘she or he.’”

The College Fix reached out to Bishop to ask why she was pursuing such a strict language policy. She replied by saying the rules were necessary for proper “time management” and to prevent more significant slurs against women.

“When addressing women in an academic setting — especially an online one [the class is online-only], some students feel that by being behind a computer keyboard they are ‘free’ to address women and even women addressing men as something other than what is really respectful,” Bishop told them. “I have had students call women ‘bitches’ and ‘gold digging ho’s’ or label women as ‘maid’s or the dishwasher,’” she said.

Bishop argued that with strict rules she will spend less time “putting out fires” while also training students that they can “live and function in a world without sexism.”

This report, by Blake Neff, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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