HHS pitches ‘clean power’ for kids with claims it will cut asthma, pollen, and Lyme disease

HHS pitches ‘clean power’ for kids with claims it will cut asthma, pollen, and Lyme disease

Yes, HHS.  The Department of Health and Human Services.  Pitching the Obama administration’s “clean power” program.  To children (or at least to people with the knowledge level and judgment of children).  Using lies.

Basically, this is totally off the rails.  It’s nothing but a Stalinist propaganda campaign, taking over every aspect of intellectual life.  It has no tether to any legitimate exercise of government power — which would start, if nowhere else, with executive departments staying in their lanes and not advertising each other’s programs with heavy-breathing flourishes.

CNSNews reports:

Does Texas have a constitutional right to defy Supreme Court on protecting its border?

[T]he Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan is “good for our children’s health,” [HHS Secretary Sylvia] Burwell blogged last week.

She explained that the rule finalized this month by the Environmental Protection Agency will “leave the planet safer and healthier for our children and our grandchildren” by cutting carbon pollution from coal-fired plants.

Burwell then listed five reasons why the 1,560-page rule will help future generations:

— Because breathing outdoors shouldn’t send kids to the hospital. (A reference to children with asthma.)

— Because the outdoors should be for running, not runny noses. (She says climate change is lengthening the pollen/allergy seasons.)

— Because they will get enough smoke around campfires. (Burwell links increased frequency of wildfires to climate change.)

— Because the only thing your kids should be afraid of catching in the backyard is cooties. (She warns that illnesses such as tick-borne Lyme disease will become more frequent “as increased carbon pollution warms our climate.”)

— Because you have enough to worry about without the threat of extreme weather events. (“A warming climate caused by carbon pollution could contribute to severe cold spells and heat waves that threaten the lives of countless children and their families living in poverty,” Burwell wrote.)

(We can note, as an aside, that Burwell has apparently been out of school too long if she thinks you catch cooties in the back yard.  Everyone knows that cooties are something you catch from other people, and have to do with perceived personal and social deficiencies.)

The Burwell blog post has a handy, informative graphic with the usual creepy illustration from the Galerie Obama, featuring a cartoon of a faceless adult female with a child.  It makes unscientific claims unscientifically; e.g., Obama’s clean power plan “will reduce premature deaths from power plant emissions by nearly 90% in 2030.”  Definition of premature deaths?  How to tally them and account for alternative factors in premature death?  Verifying that deaths are from power plan emissions?  “Nearly” 90%?  Audit trail on that?  “In” 2030 — which has a specific meaning, and doesn’t mean the same thing as “by 2030”?

(Graphic via HHS)
(Graphic via HHS)

If we’re small-minded bigots, by the way, we can assume the faceless female in the handy, informative graphic isn’t “Julia” — she of the notorious “Life” — because Julia’s offspring (she had only one, we are assured; thanks to Obama she wasn’t punished with any unwanted children) was a boy named Zachary.  (If we’re racists, we will also notice that Julia was depicted as unnaturally white — apparently an albino — whereas the woman in the clean-power graphic has more of a brownish hue to her.)

Julia Zachary

If we’re large-minded, tolerant, and compassionate, we can just assume that Zachary decided at an early age that his true gender identity was more fluid, and he’s going through a socially over-structured “Zoe” phase, but who knows what he’ll be when all’s said and done.

At least xe gets to do it in the back yard without asthma, pollen, or Lyme disease.  Sadly, he won’t have the option to die young/stay pretty.  Clean Power will see to that.

"Stalinist affection illuminates the future of our children!"
“Stalinist affection illuminates the future of our children!”


J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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