Your tax dollars at work: Black comic has-been paid to deliver anti-white rant at federal agency

Your tax dollars at work: Black comic has-been paid to deliver anti-white rant at federal agency

How much would you pay to see aging black comic and “social commentator” Dick Gregory perform? A better question is how much did you pay for someone else to see Gregory perform?

Judicial Watch’s Corruption Chronicles blog has the answer, and it’s $1,190. That’s a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of government (aka taxpayer) spending, but considering the content and character of the remarks Gregory made on your dime, a dime might be too much.

The occasion for Gregory’s latest racist tirade was Black History Month, and the audience was comprised of employees of the United States Census Bureau.

A PDF of the transcript is here, beginning on page 14, but for the sake of brevity, I have reproduced a few highlights, which give the general flavor of Dick Gregory’s madder-than-ever brand of comedy at age 82:

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I will be mentioning God several times, but it’s not the one you know. I don’t understand a God that you pray for and you don’t get it…. And the reason I’m telling you this, especially older folks, there’s some youngsters coming behind you that’s not to going to take none of your craziness. I know that cause I was RAISED by a Black woman, she bought my toys and my brothers [sic] and sisters [sic] toys, and then TOLD me a WHITE MAN bought them! That day is OVER! The Ku Klux Klan didn’t tell me that, my MOMMA told that, okay!…

… There’s one great thing that Obama has proved … go to school, behave yourself, stay out of trouble, and you’ll get a good job and be rewarded. Obama DID ALL OF THAT and THEY treat him like he’s DIRT! Are you CRAZY, huh! He went to THEIR school, all the way to the top. They treat him like he is a Redneck Cracker that can’t read or write!…

Had I been elected to be the President, listen good White folks, none of y’all would be in my cabinet. Now don’t worry about Black folks who be saying ‘oh, he didn’t mean it.’ So, I’ll say it ten times, none of y’all be in my cabinet, none of y’all be in my cabinet, none of y’all be in my cabinet.

Pretty funny material, eh? And it goes on this way for another six pages, single-spaced.

It’s hard — maybe pointless — to get down in the weeds with regards to something this blatantly skewed, but you have to wonder if Gregory is simply a victim of dementia. He quotes Obama as championing self-reliance, when in fact the president has been a fierce and vocal critic of the “system” that permitted him — that nurtured him — to rise up through the ranks and ultimately seize the gold ring. He has said repeatedly that personal achievement is impossible without a hand up — and out — by government. And those who make something of themselves independently of the government teat, he famously (and wrongly) admonished, “didn’t build that.”

Corruption Chronicles reports that “Gregory’s angry outburst … was not funny to some employees and the agency was forced to explain that it will thoroughly review its procedures for selecting future speakers to ‘ensure their views are appropriate for the federal workplace.'”

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Howard Portnoy

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