Iran’s Supreme Leader orders country to step up weapons production

Iran’s Supreme Leader orders country to step up weapons production

As Iran negotiates for a nuclear treaty which by all reports will allow it to maintain its nuclear weapons, the Supreme Leader is ordering the country’s leaders to escalate it’s conventional weapons program.

Iran’s state owned Press TV is reporting that the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered the Iranian president to boost the country’s defense and deterrence capabilities.

The directives were part of a letter sent to President Hassan Rouhani outlining the “general policies of the Sixth National Development Plan.”

In the letter, the Leader underlined the need to upgrade Iran’s deterrence power by developing the nation’s missile capability and defense technologies as well as boosting the capacity to produce weaponry and major defense equipment to help counter “different types of threats.”

… Khamenei also stressed the need to develop civil defense programs in critical and sensitive locations in the country.

Among other points highlighted by the Leader was the necessity of boosting soft power and cyber-defense capabilities as well as providing air defense and cyber-security for the country’s infrastructure.

… Khamenei noted that at least five percent of the country’s budget should be set aside to boost the nation’s defense capability at the regional level to secure national security and interests.

The Islamist leader also emphasized the need to step up border security by applying “software and hardware” techniques, reinforcing border troops, developing intelligence operations, boosting border diplomacy, and getting locals on board with implementing security programs along the nation’s frontiers (possibly getting the idea from Donald Trump, though the ayatollah didn’t mention Mexicans).

Perhaps thinking about all the money the country will receive thanks to Obama administration concessions —

The Leader said “economic diplomacy” should be prioritized in a bid to promote foreign investment, enter world markets and develop technologies to fulfill the objectives associated with the “Economy of Resistance.”

… Khamenei also underlined the need for Iran to further develop world service media outlets.

Not in the U.S. though; here he already has the mainstream media.

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

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