Image of the day: Rainbow warrior

Because we just couldn’t square it with our consciences here, to deny LU nation the fullest possible Same-sex Marriage Day experience.

Someone — apparently the gentlemen who style themselves the “maverickmen” on Tumblr — seems to have thought it would be a positive thing to depict President Obama in this posture.

The boss is back.  (Image: maverickmen via Tumblr, Slate)
The boss is back. (Image: maverickmen via Tumblr, Slate)

Check the link for more celebrations of the POTUS-in-Chief as a totally awesome dude, with memes that feature weird flashy things and liberal use of the “F” word.

As Slate puts it, the memes “capture Obama’s swagger during this historic week.”  Good thing, since Islamic State has been hacking off heads like crazy and pumping bullets into people over in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.  We also hear from Homeland Security that there’s an increased threat of attack by Islamic State on Independence Day.

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But rejoice: President Rainbow Whisperer has his political mojo back.  Just in time for the deadline on the Iran nuke talks too.  Skeptics might have thought Ayatollah Khamenei really bollixed up the prospects for a deal when he came out on Tuesday and explicitly rejected everything Obama had said would be part of a deal with Iran.  But John Kerry blithely “dismissed” the Khamenei speech — presumably because he knows we have the Secret Weapon waiting to be unleashed from Washington: the Sparkly Rainbow Thing Thrower.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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