Another student, oppressed by a genderist dress code

Another student, oppressed by a genderist dress code

Some transgender students make an effort to conceal their still-disjunctive genitalia.  Others, not so much.

A student at Emmaus High School in Emmaus, Pennsylvania appears to fall into the latter category.  The student, whose physical attributes are male, self-identifies as female.  He reportedly wore yoga pants to school recently, a choice of attire that – as a Montana legislator has pointed out – left nothing about his genital region to the imagination.

This was felt to be too much by school officials, who otherwise strive to be accommodating to transgender students.  The student was required to don a pair of gym shorts to get through the rest of the day.

Other students then went into a tailspin, showing off the irrationality now being cultivated in them from kindergarten.

But some students believe the order to change clothes was an act of discrimination against transgender students.

Many showed up at school on Thursday wearing stickers that said, “Is this too revealing?” Some brought signs saying, “No freedom until we’re all equal.”

Others took to social media to vent their frustration.

“no one should be forced into a gender!,” one Emmaus student tweeted.

“spread love not hate!” another student said on Twitter. …

[P]rotesting students felt that the dress code isn’t applied equally.

“If any other girl wore the yoga pants, she wouldn’t get in trouble,” said freshman Carly Valdivia, who wore a sticker. “The girl should have been treated as an equal to all of us.”

The student in question was overwhelmed by the support.

The student said the amount of support she’s receiving from her classmates has been overwhelming.

“About 30 people, most of them I don’t even know, hugged me today and told me I’m so strong,” the student said. “At one point, I just broke down crying.”

As noted by my colleague Howard Portnoy, who keeps us abreast of developments in this area, the student does have at least one low-overhead option for avoiding this unpleasant incident in the future.

It would be insensitive, of course, to suggest that the student dispense with the yoga pants for the time being.  It may also be illegal, if the U.S. Justice Department has anything to say about it.  Although it’s not clear how Eric Holder’s 2014 memo conferring “protected right” status on cross-dressing will apply to minors and school dress codes, there’s every possibility that in the days ahead, we will find out – sooner rather than later.

I’ll give Scott Ott at PJM the tag line on this one.

Face it: men no longer have the freedom to be who they aren’t.

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