The real story behind how a ‘hateful’ Indiana pizzeria got outed (Video) *UPDATE*

The real story behind how a ‘hateful’ Indiana pizzeria got outed (Video) *UPDATE*

A small, family-owned pizzeria is being savaged in the national media for saying that it wouldn’t cater a gay wedding. This true confession became public after a local TV station fishing for comments put the question to the owners of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Ind.

The owners of the business, a family named O’Connor, said simply they seek to operate in accordance with their Christian values. Now, Memories is being crushed by an international campaign that is barraging its YelpFacebook, and Google+ pages with hate-filled comments.

“The business is Memories Pizza,” anchor Colleen Bormann intones at the start of a report by ABC57 captured on video (below), “and tonight they are standing up for their religious beliefs.”

However, Memories hasn’t done any kind of “standing up.” The business didn’t release a statement, didn’t make an announcement, and didn’t approach ABC57′s tip line asking to have its story told. Rather, it was ABC57′s news crew that went shop to shop looking for a business willing to say it supported the state’s new and embattled Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

“We were talking to different businesses, and somebody suggested ‘let’s pop in to Walkerton,” an employee at ABC57′s news desk told rhe Daily Caller News Foundation. From there, she said, the news crew found the O’Connor’s business and successfully obtained an interview.

The O’Connors’ frank discussion of the law with ABC has precipitated bizarre media attacks on the family, including mocking them for even considering the idea that gays might order pizza for a wedding. Here’s Rich Juzwiak for Gawker:

Anyone has the right to believe in anything. Crystal O’Connor believes that gays are so deviant they want pizza at their weddings, I believe that Crystal O’Connor is an imbecile.

Drew Magary of Deadspin is equally nasty:

I think this woman severely underestimates the good taste of gay couples. No gay couple would be caught dead ordering this sh*tass pizza for a wedding.

But of course, the O’Connors never claimed that gays are chomping at the bit for pizza-fueled weddings. It was ABC57’s crack news team that broached the topic and is now misleadingly suggesting the O’Conner’s oppose serving gays entirely.

This sleight of hand continues with the station’s video. Memories Pizza’s approach is contrasted with the attitude of “welcoming” South Bend, as though the O’Connors, by refusing to cater gay weddings, are unwilling to allow gays in their community.

This isn’t journalism: It’s a witch hunt.

ABC57 News – See the Difference Michiana

*UPDATE* According to Dana Loesch, the pizzeria is receiving death threats and is considering closing its doors:

One can hardly wait until the next lecture on civility and tolerance from the left.

This report, by Blake Neff, was cross-posted by arrangement with the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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