IRS giving tax refunds to illegal immigrants who NEVER paid taxes *UPDATE*

IRS giving tax refunds to illegal immigrants who NEVER paid taxes *UPDATE*

The Washington Times reports that he Internal Revenue Service is allowing illegal immigrants to claim up to three years’ refunds on income even if they never paid income taxes.  The IRS took a break from targeting tea party groups to send a letter to Congress stating “that agency lawyers have concluded getting a Social Security number triggers the ability to go back and ask for previous refunds.” As many as four million illegal aliens now have the 9-digit numbers thanks to Barack Obama’s executive action granting deportation amnesty to millions of people who sneaked across the southern border into the U.S. and have remained here.

[M]any of them [are now] eligible for tax refunds under the Earned Income Tax Credit even for years when they cheated on their taxes, working off the books and refusing to file tax returns.

“Section 32 of the Internal Revenue Code requires an SSN on the return, but a taxpayer claiming the EITC is not required to have an SSN before the close of the year for which the EITC is claimed,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen wrote in his letter to Sen. Charles E. Grassley on Wednesday.

The IRS’s chief lawyer had reached that conclusion in 2000, and the agency has newly confirmed it, Mr. Koskinen said.

Mr. Grassley said that made a mockery of the law, and said he’ll try to write a bill specifically prohibiting it.

“The tax code shouldn’t reward those who broke our immigration laws,” the Iowa Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said in a statement.

As our federal deficit heads toward $19 trillion, President Obama has found a back door way to accelerate the deficit even faster. As comedian Yakov Smirnoff would say, “What a country!”

*UPDATE* In case you were wondering how much Obama’s “largess” was costing us poor slobs who actually pay taxes, the Washington Bureau of the McClatchy news service reports having obtained an estimate by the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, prepared for Sen. Chuck Grassley and Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch. It reveals that the additional EITC refunds under the program could cost taxpayers $1.7 billion over 10 years, almost all of it in the first five years. Not exactly pocket change.

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

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