John Kerry: Oh, you mean THAT secret Iranian nuke program we didn’t know about

John Kerry: Oh, you mean THAT secret Iranian nuke program we didn’t know about

As reported here Teusday, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has obtained highly critical and reliable intelligence on the existence of an active and secret parallel nuclear program in Iran.

Yesterday Secretary of State John Kerry testified before the House Foreign Relations Committee, where, when asked about the secret program, he did his best Jon Lovitz imitation. Ah … er … yeah we knew about it but we haven’t confirmed it as nuclear … yeah, that’s the ticket.

Kerry … acknowledged that the United States has evidence of the facility, but declined to elaborate to lawmakers about its nature.

“Did the [Iranian] regime tell us about existence of this new nuclear facility,” Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R., Calif.) asked Kerry at the hearing.

“What you’re saying is it’s a nuclear facility,” Kerry responded. “That is yet to be determined, but we know about the facility, yes.”

“So had they disclosed that facility to us?” Rohrabacher asked.

“It has not been revealed yet as a nuclear facility,” Kerry insisted. “It is a facility that we are aware of, which is on a list of facilities we have. I’m not going to go into greater detail, but these things are going to have to be resolved [in negotiations] as we go forward.”

nuclear facility Iran

“Getting things resolved” — that’s ObamaSpeak, which translates to “We’ll ask Iran about it, they’ll so no, and we’ll say ‘Okeydoke, that’s what we thought, now let’s go bash Netanyahu.'”

The NCRI says Iran is continuing to work on uranium enrichment in an underground complex hidden for years from the U.N. nuclear inspectors and the United States. The group says the facility is right outside Tehran in a heavily-protected 62-acre compound. In addition to the aerial view above, the group also presented a picture of one of the plant’s doors, which is a more than a foot thick and lead-lined:

door at nuclear facility

The NCRI reported:

Existence of the site, known as Lavizan-3, was unknown until now and had been kept secret for years by the Iranian regime.

The NCRI announced that the explosive revelation was result of several years of detailed work by the network of the Iranian opposition movement, the People’s Mojahedin Organization in Iran (PMOI/MEK).

The PMOI has obtained the intelligence from sources inside of Iranian regime, vetting info from scores of sources independently.

PMOI’s sources established that since 2008 the Iranian regime has secretly engaged in research and uranium enrichment at this site.

The NCRI provided Satellite imagery of the site, its entrance, and overview of the site in the press conference.

The NCRI representatives ripped the Iranian regime’s claim regarding transparency in the nuclear talks and went on to say the Iranian regime is deceiving international community.

They pointed out that research and development with advanced centrifuges in highly secret sites are only intended to advance the nuclear weapons project.

NCRI also reports the site is insulated for sound and leaks so they would not be detected by the West. NCRI’s website stated, “The NCRI stressed if US is serious about preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, it must make continuation of the talks predicated on the IAEA’s immediate inspection of the site before the regime gets a chance to destroy the evidence.” The site continued:

It underscored that if the US and its partners seek to block Tehran’s pathway to the bomb, any agreement should include complete implementation of all Security Council Resolutions, immediate halt to any enrichment and closure of related facilities, including Natanz, Fordo and Arak, signing the Additional Protocol and start of IAEA’s snap inspection.

The NCRI has a good investigative track record having previously “exposed some of the most significant dimensions of the Iranian regime’s nuclear weapons program, including the Natanz uranium enrichment and Arak heavy water sites in August 2002, Kalay-e Electric centrifuge assembly and testing facility in February 2003, the Lashkar-abad Laser enrichment and Lavizan-Shian sites in May 2003, the Fordo underground enrichment site in December 2005, and the Defensive Innovation and Research Organization, SPND, in July 2011.”

Now think about this for a second: Either the United States knew about the facility and is lying or a resistance organization based in the United States a better access to intelligence about Iran’s nuke program than the Obama administration. Yet the White House believes it has enough intelligence to negotiate a nuke deal with Iran.

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

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