Missouri: Family terrifies 6-year-old with hoax kidnapping (Video)

Missouri: Family terrifies 6-year-old with hoax kidnapping (Video)
Mom of the year. Elizabeth Hupp in her Lincoln County sheriff booking photo. (Via USA Today)

Having no sense, moral or common, is really going around these days.

A Troy, Missouri boy’s mother, 25-year-old Elizabeth Hupp, reportedly thought her 6-year-old was “too nice” to strangers, and needed to be taught a lesson.  So she and her sister and mother, 38-year-old Denise Kroutil and 58-year-old Rose Brewer, concocted a plan.

A co-worker of Kroutil’s was recruited to lie in wait for the boy and lure him into his pickup truck.

Police say 23-year-old Nathan Firoved waited at the boy’s bus stop after school, lured him into a pickup truck and drove off with him.

“The boy immediately starts (crying) when he’s told that he’s never going to see his mother again,” Binder said. “He’s never going to see his house. And then, when he doesn’t stop crying, he shows him a gun.”

The kidnapper told the boy he would be nailed to the wall of a shed. His hands and feet were bound with plastic bags and his head was covered.

Unknowingly, the child was guided into the basement of his own home. Police said his family listened through a baby monitor as the boy’s pants were removed and he was told he would be sold as a sex slave.

The ordeal reportedly went on for about four hours.  The three women were determined to have the child learn a lesson from all this:

“The victim remained in the basement for some time before he was unbound and told to go upstairs, where the victim’s family lectured him about Stranger Danger,” the statement said.

During the entire event, family members and Firoved remained in contact via cellphone as they terrorized the victim.

Authorities found out about the boy’s hours of terror when he described the incident at school.

All four adults are being charged with felony kidnapping and related charges, including, for the mother, felony abuse and neglect of the child.  The boy has been removed and placed in protective custody.

Reportedly, the three women still feel they did nothing wrong.  Perhaps, in prison, they will meet with some Stranger Danger, and learn a lesson themselves.  That won’t do anything for the little boy, but we can hope he finds a good home to take him in, and help mitigate the effects of a memory that will never really be expunged.

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