New meme: GOP’s against washing your hands after going potty!

New meme: GOP’s against washing your hands after going potty!

Yesterday’s barking-dog meme in the leftosphere was “GOP’s against vaccination!”  Have you figured out yet that it will be something else equally inane tomorrow?  Here’s Talking Points Memo:

During a Q&A at the Bipartisan Policy Center on Monday, Tillis related a story from his time in the state legislature in 2010, complaining that the U.S. is “one of the most regulated nations in the history of the planet,” video via C-SPAN shows.

“I was having a discussion with someone, and we were at a Starbucks in my district, and we were talking about certain regulations where I felt like ‘maybe you should allow businesses to opt out,'” the senator said.

Don’t believe this is a coordinated meme?  Take a look at this screen cap of the aggregation site “memeorandum,” which helpfully groups all the links relating to a particular topic together.  It’s hilarious to watch all the left-wing sites erupt on these topics.  It really is like dogs barking.

meme hand washing potty

Notice how memeorandum has this positioned as the “Top Item.”  That’s in spite of the fact that not nearly as many sites have posts on it as on other topics reflected lower on the page.

J.E. Dyer

J.E. Dyer

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