Flashback: Killer Millers kicked off Bundy Ranch and attended Occupy rally

Flashback: Killer Millers kicked off Bundy Ranch and attended Occupy rally

In the wake of the brutal murders of NYPD Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu over the weekend by Ismaaiyl Brinsley (also known as Ismaaiyl Abdullah-Muhammad, as revealed at GotNews) Jarad and Amanda Miller, who killed two police officers and a civilian, have been resurrected in the national dialogue.

Back in June, Jerad Miller, 31, and his wife Amanda, 22, went on a shooting spree that resulted in the murders of Officers Alyn Beck, 41, and Igor Soldo, 31 (both of whom were married with young children) as they were eating their lunch. They also killed Joseph Robert Wilcox, 31, a shopper at Walmart.

Their names have been associated with the “right wing,” as they wrapped a Gadsden Flag around the slain police officers and because they were at the Bundy Ranch, which was an eye-opening and sickening illustration of government overreach.

But despite the gleeful reporting of the perceived right-wing associations, the Millers were actually kicked off the Bundy Ranch. In fact, according to the New York Daily News, they were the only people kicked off the ranch:

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“Miller and his wife, Amanda Miller, were the only protesters kicked off the ranch during an April protest against the federal government.”

Additionally, a neighbor of the Millers said that Jared personally told her that he had “been kicked off Cliven Bundy’s ranch 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas while people from throughout the U.S. gathered there in protest of a Bureau of Land Management roundup of Bundy’s cattle,” as reported at the Review Journal.

The twisted couple also “took part in last November’s ‘Million Mask March’ – a gathering of protesters from the Occupy movement, anarchists, and hacktivists,” as reported at the local CBS affiliate in Chicago. The couple even reached out to Nick Wertz, one of the organizers of the march, according to the article.

So, it is a bit disingenuous that progressives are using the couple’s names as a way to deflect from the protesters who have been chanting about dead cops. Jarad and Amanda Miller were societal misfits, nazis, killers. They were not representative of any group.

The Review Journal reported,

“We can’t find anything linking these two guys to anybody,” said a law enforcement official with knowledge of the ongoing investigation. “If they were a part of a group, they hid it well.”

Despite this, the radical left on Twitter has been turning these outcasts into Tea Party enthusiasts:

At least now you know the truth.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is a co-founder of TavernKeepers.com, a news and political commentary site founded by former Glenn Beck interns. She is also the National Conservative Examiner. Renee is an associate producer for Trevor Loudon's political documentary, 'The Enemies Within.'


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