Picture of the Day: What Obama needs is another Pajama Boy

If the president is to have any chance of leaving a positive legacy after two terms in office, he’s going to need a PR campaign that will persuade Americans that they are “much better off now than they were when” he entered office in 2008. And, no, telling them they are too dim-witted to know it is not the answer.

What Obama needs is the kind of push his health care law got when he enlisted the services of Ethan Krupp, better known to all the world as “Pajama Boy.” Who could ever forget the manly man who willingly donned a checkered onesie, sat nursing a cup of cocoa, and importuned Americans to join him in their jammies with a cup of hot “co'” while they talked about health insurance.

Pajama boy

If you’re wondering how successful the campaign was, a poll released this week by McLaughlin & Associates finds that the percentage of Americans who favor repealing the Affordable Care Act has climbed to 60.

Naturally, correlation is not causation. Besides, Team Obama (which probably wears onesies and drinks cocoa daily) would probably insist that disapproval of the law would probably be greater if it weren’t for the PJ Boy ads.

With an eye toward helping the president salvage his single “legislative achievement,” we at LU would like to nominate the specimen below as the next Pajama Boy. He doesn’t need to change into a onesie or anything else. He is perfect as is.


LU Staff

LU Staff

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