Anti-gun group would deny the right of self-defense from a weapon-wielding mob

Anti-gun group would deny the right of self-defense from a weapon-wielding mob

An anti-gun group suggested that it would be far better to allow a person to be threatened with firearms and beaten senseless with brass knuckles than to allow him to legally defend himself with his own weapon.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America described an incident on its Facebook page Monday in which a Wichita youth football league coach was confronted last week by a man displaying a gun.

The dispute began over the amount of play time the coach had given one of the players, and things soon escalated when the man with the gun was joined by a group of his friends.

“Moments later, five or six other men began beating up the 37-year-old coach,” according to the Wichita Eagle. “One of the men used a set of brass knuckles, [police Lt. James] Espinoza said.”

The incident could have ended tragically if it weren’t for the coach’s wife, who has a concealed weapon permit. She drew her handgun and fired a warning shot in the air.

Although I don’t condone shooting a gun into the air (the bullet has to come down somewhere), it distracted the coach’s attackers enough for him to break free and retrieve his own weapon from his car.

The Eagle reported that as a result:

The attackers had all fled the park by the time officers arrived, Espinoza said. The guns used by the coach and his wife were confiscated as evidence. No arrests have been made.

After accurately describing the incident on its Facebook page, Moms Demand Action complained that, “According to Kansas state law, towns and cities may not regulate parks to preclude permitted individuals from open carrying or carrying concealed weapons.”

The group chose to ignore that tragedy was averted only because the coach and his wife had legally-owned firearms in their possession. Instead, it would declare all municipal parks “gun-free zones.” By definition, only criminals would have weapons in such areas.

Incidentally, when Moms Demand Action demonstrated against a National Rifle Association convention in Indianapolis five months ago, Dana Loesch, commentator for TheBlaze, noticed that the group’s president, Shannon Watts, enjoyed the protection of an armed security detail. This was later confirmed by Erika Soto Lamb, communications director for Everytown for Gun Safety, which includes Moms Demand Action.

Here’s her tweet, in reply to Loesch’s:

Conclusion? Moms Demand Action would deny the Wichita coach the very right the group gives itself–the right to self-defense.

(h/t Bearing Arms)

Michael Dorstewitz

Michael Dorstewitz

Michael Dorstewitz is a recovering Michigan trial lawyer and former research vessel deck officer. He has written extensively for BizPac Review.


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