Ferguson opportunists: Sharpton gets out the vote; Jesse Jackson asks for cash

Ferguson opportunists: Sharpton gets out the vote; Jesse Jackson asks for cash

Ferguson has become a hot bed of opportunistic left-wing activity.

Amnesty International has sent a “13-person human rights delegation” to the town to “examine” potential human rights abuses, in what they refer to as an “unprecedented” move by deploying in the United States.

Amnesty International USA’s executive director, Steven W. Hawkins declared, “[W]e criticize dictators for quelling dissent and silencing protesters with tactics like curfews, we’ll certainly speak out when it’s happening in our own backyard…”

The Rev. Al Sharpton is using his time in Ferguson, Missouri to pressure citizens to vote, evidently.

Jesse Jackson was reportedly “booed” when he asked for donations.

The “Revolutionary Communist Party, USA,” or Revcom, sent in their own people and even has a page dedicated to Ferguson on their website.

Many other groups have jumped right in, such as Tauheed Youth Development Life, the New Black Panther Party (NBPP), the Organization for Black Struggle (OBS), the Moorish Science Temple, the Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression, the Nation of Islam – Mosque 28, and the Universal African Peoples Organization (UAPO).

Watch this local news report about a takeover of a press conference, where New Black Panther Party leader Hashim Nzinga ranted that President Obama is from Kenya, calling him a “Mau Mau” (around the 4:09 minute mark).Nzinga was also quoted as saying in regard to Ferguson,

The Black male is being exterminated…The ones who are not being exter­mi­nated, they’re push­ing them to be gay and fags so they won’t be pro­duc­tive on repro­duc­ing babies. This is about genocide.

And, it wouldn’t be a proper police bashing festival without the Socialist Workers Party, and uh… these guys.

On Facebook, Louis Farrakhan asked for feedback on a speech he gave regarding Ferguson.

Some of the comments were revealing. His speech can be seen here.

Believe it or not, even Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, got in on the action:

Poor Ferguson.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is a co-founder of TavernKeepers.com, a news and political commentary site founded by former Glenn Beck interns. She is also the National Conservative Examiner. Renee is an associate producer for Trevor Loudon's political documentary, 'The Enemies Within.'


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