Pelosi’s world: Tells MSM ‘we need you to be messengers’ on midterms

Pelosi’s world: Tells MSM ‘we need you to be messengers’ on midterms

Contrary to promises, the Obama White House has turned out to be one of the least transparent and most secretive administrations in the history of the nation. Yet, transparency does exist inside the Beltway.

Witness a comment made yesterday at press briefing by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. This was not the positive kind of transparency — willful openness — that was on display but, rather, the naïve “oops” variety common among dimwits.

Terrence Jeffrey at CNS News writes:

When asked … why her party’s message is “not resonating with the electorate,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told a room full of reporters “we need you to be messengers.”

A video and transcript of the exchange follow:

Reporter: So, you make this case about the skepticism that people have of this anti-government premise here. You talk about, you know, they’re riding this impeachment horse, and lawsuit horse, and all these things they are doing in the election. Why, for every political analysis that we see, and including top people in your party, don’t believe that the Democrats have a message that can get the House of Representatives back. What government shutdown — why are these things not resonating with the electorate and won’t resonate this fall?

Pelosi: Well, first of all, we need you to be messengers about what is actually going on here. But, apart from that, we have come forward with our middle-class jump start. Over the month of August, we go forward with how the jump start talks about bringing jobs home. The Republicans have tax breaks to send jobs overseas. Democrats want tax breaks to keep jobs here at home. [Emphasis added]

So in Pelosi’s world, the job of the press is to be the town criers for the administration’s or one party’s message. And to think, this woman was two heartbeats away from being leader of the free world.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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