Missouri Governor Jay Nixon goes on crazy veto spree

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon goes on crazy veto spree

Missouri’s Democrat Governor Jay Nixon vetoed a near record number of laws, 33, passed this year by the Missouri state legislature, including a measure requiring a waiting period for women seeking an abortion, ten tax break bills, as well as a law empowering trained teachers to voluntarily carry concealed weapons on campus, as reported at Liberty Unyielding.

Interestingly, a bill “[O]riginally introduced as a bill to ban the adoption of the Common Core standards,” turned into a bill that would “allow Common Core standards to remain in effect,” with potential revisions. Nixon kept that one, according to a statement from the Governor’s office. He also signed a “medical marijuana bill.”

Nixon referred to the waiting period for abortions as an “extreme and disrespectful measure” which would “unnecessarily prolong the suffering of rape and incest victims and jeopardize the health and well-being of women.” He didn’t mention the well-being of the unborn child.

As reported at the Saint Louis Post Dispatch, Nixon also “line-item vetoed about 120 items in the budget for fiscal year 2015, which began July 1.” The must-read report by Alex Stuckey lists Nixon’s vetoes, including those related to the budget. Stuckey also notes that Nixon’s extreme shift to the left may be a hint at his aspirations for a presidential run.

As an aside, Nixon said that if Hillary Clinton ran for president, he would “be prepared to make sure she got the electoral votes…”

One of the most controversial bills vetoed by Nixon was the pro-Second Amendment measure. Although the mainstream media has characterized the law as allowing teachers to carry firearms; that is a misrepresentation. As explained at the Washington Post,

“Under the bill, teachers and administrators could be certified as school protection officers after completing a 100-hour police training program…[the bill] also would have lowered the age from 21 to 19 for concealed carry permits and ensured that permit-holders are able to openly carry their guns in any locality across the state.”

John Presta of the Examiner wrote that the law “not only would have armed teachers, but forced teenagers to carry loaded firearms in public.” [Emphasis added] Presta’s explanation of the law brings to mind a quote by Frederick Douglass,

“It is a frequent and favorite device of an indefensible cause to misstate and pervert the views of those who advocate a good cause.”

A poll by the progressive MSNBC shows that 48 percent of readers agree that “arming teachers would protect my child.” Yesterday, the number was 54 percent in favor of arming teachers.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s well-funded gun control group, Moms Demand Action, lauded Missouri Rep. Stacey Newman “for her tireless efforts to defeat” the measure that would allow certain teachers to carry concealed weapons, which Governor Nixon said is “simply the wrong approach” in a statement.

Rep. Stacey Neuman (in pink) decrying the "War on Women" via Facebook
Rep. Stacey Neuman (in pink) decrying the “War on Women” via Facebook

Rep. Newman also praised Nixon’s vetoes on Facebook,

“MO Governor Nixon vetoed Arming Teachers, Open Carry Everywhere & 72 Hour Abortion Delay bills with his mighty veto pen. Will be a WILD veto session in Jefferson City on September 10th, I promise. What can YOU do with a GOP super majority currently in both houses? Every single MO GOP legislator voted for this garbage (with several DEMS helping). Ask your legislative candidates where they stand & then actually show up & vote on August 5th. We have a HUGE say-so.”

As Stuckey confirms, there is a chance that  Nixon’s vetoes can be overridden, if both Missouri houses can manage a two-thirds vote in September. Engaged Missourians should be well-aware that despite the GOP majority, there will be a major fight by outside groups to pressure the lawmakers to keep the vetoes in place. 

Former Missouri Democrat Governor John Dalton still holds the record for “the most vetoes [35] of any Missouri governor after a single legislative session” in 1961.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal

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