Exclusive: Hagi Enea and the lack of transparency surrounding illegal immigration

Exclusive: Hagi Enea and the lack of transparency surrounding illegal immigration

A wristband belonging to Hagi Enea, an illegal immigrant arrested on May 21 in Arizona and sent to DHS on June 4, ended up in a Mineola, Texas Walmart parking lot about a month later, according to a Facebook post by Andrew Clark Wednesday.

Clark told Liberty Unyielding that the Walmart is about 45 minutes from his house. He said most people probably would have walked right past the wristband, but “being the curious type,” he picked it up, thinking it may have been a hospital wristband. When he saw that the band was from an inmate, he dug a bit deeper online.

Hagi Enea is from Craiova, Romania, according to his Facebook page, but evidently lived in Madrid, Spain before ending up in Arizona. On the Facebook post, Clark revealed that he “called the prisoner intake for Pinal County and was informed he [Enea] was released on June 4th into the custody of DHS [Department of Homeland Security] immigration.”

Clark continued to say that he was told that the building was “down the road.”  A quick call to the Sheriff’s office confirmed that the charge code designated to Mr. Enea [N/A 13-ICE] means that he was detained and released to the Department of Homeland Security. There was no information on the circumstances of his initial arrest.

Hagi Enea via Facebook
Hagi Enea via Facebook

The AZ DailyMail reported that Enea was “taken into custody following the encounter and charged on unclassified charges.” Furthermore,  Enea “was defined as a man, black hair, brown colored eyes, 28 years old, 150 lbs, and 5′ 5″ tall.”

A Google Search on “N/A 13-ICE” finds that “150 lbs, and 5′ 5″ tall” seems to be a default weight and height, as everyone who was arrested on May 21 with the same charge code have that description. Thirty-nine people were arrested in Pinal County on May 21. Of those, 29 were identified as “Hispanic.” Nineteen of those arrested had the same height and weight with the same charge code “13-ICE.”

Curiously, although the 19 arrested are all identified as “Hispanic,” some have non-Hispanic names like Yi Zhen Wu and Kamaljit Singh. One man, Ramon Baltierrez Fimbres, was also listed as Hispanic, although he is Caucasian, and he was also arrested under the code “13-ICE” in February. Why was Mr. Fimbres detained, released and re-arrested? Similar trends (and odd inconsistencies) can be found on other days.

For example, Daniel Gomez was booked on May 25 under 13-ICE. His race is listed as “S.” Hugo Antonio Sanchez Reyes, George Cardenas Garcia,  Mario Castellon Mendoza, and others are also under “S” as race, all with “13-ICE” as the charge code.

Conversely, Juan Reyes-Roman was also arrested on May 25, but his race was listed as “White.” Andrew Clark continued to say that he asked if transport to the DHS facility meant that Hagi Enea would be deported. The Penal County Sheriff’s office said that “normally they are supposed to be”  but could be “released back into the local community if someone pays a bond on them.”

Brandon Walker at MadWorldNews, the first to write the story of Enea, asked,

“Who pays the bonds on them? Shouldn’t we be worried about individuals or organizations with potential ties to terrorism paying for an inmates release when they should be deported? They came here illegally and are just released because someone or some corporation pays a bond.”

Clearly, Hagi Enea was not deported, as he ended up at a Texas Walmart. There is no substantive  information about his initial arrest. The question is: How many Hagi Eneas are there? Where are they? Walker continues, “alarming questions…compound the situation on the border even more.” He said, “[W]hy are there no reports on foreign nationals other than Mexicans and South Americans being reported in the flow of illegal immigration?”

Calls to the Department of Homeland Security have not been returned at the time of this writing.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is a co-founder of TavernKeepers.com, a news and political commentary site founded by former Glenn Beck interns. She is also the National Conservative Examiner. Renee is an associate producer for Trevor Loudon's political documentary, 'The Enemies Within.'


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