Bill Nye blames Hurricane Sandy on climate change during #OceanChat

Bill Nye blames Hurricane Sandy on climate change during #OceanChat

The push by the radical left to convince world leaders to regulate the world’s oceans by designation and governance of “marine protected areas [MPAG]” is right out of the Agenda 21 playbook.

If the result of designating wilderness areas in America is any indication of things to come, such regulation often leads to worsening economic conditions and oftentimes hurts the animals the environmentalists seek to protect.

It is all about “sustainability,” they claim. But in the meantime, the truly unsustainable economy barely registers a blip on the radar.

Would designating massive areas of the world’s oceans as off-limits help “food security?”

Regardless, while Americans do not put man-made climate change as one of their priorities, the Obama Administration is doubling down on efforts to impose his taxpayer-funded climate change agenda. One of his recent egregious efforts is to impose stifling regulations for Power Plants, a move that George W. Bush resisted, noting that it would result in “significantly higher electricity prices.”

In another sign of the federal government’s disconnect with the plight of Americans, Secretary of State John Kerry is hosting the #OurOceans2014 conference, with guests like Leonardo DiCaprio and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

During a Twitter question and answer session under the roundly mocked and completely hijacked #OceanChat hashtag, Nye asked What we (you) [sic] doing to bring climate change deniers to terms with our situation?” He continued, “Hurricane Sandy was expensive.”

The Science Guy’s assertion that Hurricane Sandy was the result of climate change was not exactly embraced.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal

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