Donna Brazile: ‘The tea party has won’

Donna Brazile: ‘The tea party has won’

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile wrote an OpEd for CNN Wednesday, lamenting that the defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor “confirms something we already knew. In the Republican civil war, the tea party has won.”

Like her counterparts, Brazile does not attempt to explain the views of constitutional conservatives, but rather dismisses them as “extreme,” an ongoing strategy that has clearly not resonated with Americans. If those views are so extreme, how did the Tea Party “win?” The truth is that the Tea Party has been vilified by politicians and the mainstream media, but their views of limited government and fiscal responsibility are hardly “extreme.”

While the Tea Party has been labeled disparagingly as “anarchists” and worse, their view of limited government is less “anti-government” than the view of many in the Occupy movement, for example, who proudly refer to themselves as “anarchists” and “radicals.”

class war2

On the the Occupy Wall Street website, the group explains that they were “founded on July 14th, 2011 when Justine Tunney organized a scrappy group of anarchists to take the initiative in organizing a call to action published by Micah White in Adbusters magazine.”

As they clearly say they were founded by “anarchists,” and post a picture of a woman holding a sign that says “Give Class War a Chance,” with the “a” as the symbol for “anarchy,” the Occupy movement is a study in “anti-government” views.

Anarchy, by the way, is defined as

“a situation of confusion and wild behavior in which the people in a country, group, organization, etc., are not controlled by rules or laws.”

One of the “leaders” of the movement “wants to see a world revolution, starting with a popular uprising against the financial executives who plunder society without contributing any social utility.”

While many Tea Party sites describe their missions differently, they are summed up nicely at Tea Party Patriots:

  • Constitutionally Limited Government or your Personal Freedom and Your Rights
  • Free Market Economics or Economic Freedom to Grow Jobs and Your Opportunities
  • Fiscal Responsibility or very simply, a Debt Free Future For You and Generations To Come

Brazile continues to say,

“Cantor has gone out of his way to set an agenda that appeals to the Republican Party’s tea party wing, at the expense of middle-class families who could have benefited from the preferred mainstream approach of Democrats. But apparently, he was just not extreme enough for today’s GOP.”

Economics professor Dave Brat beat Eric Cantor. At the Times Dispatch, Brat gives an indication of his beliefs,

“I will fight to bring power back to the states from the federal government. I will fight to defund and repeal Obamacare. I will fight to stop the reckless spending in Washington. I will fight to end crony capitalist programs that benefit the rich and powerful.”

Brat is also not a fan of the educational standards known as Common Core (speaking of crony capitalism), as indicated during a revealing exclusive interview at Tavern Keepers.

It should be noted that Brazile quoted Rep. Peter King, who “expressed his fear that the results ‘will move the party further to the right, which will marginalize us further as a national party.'” The establishment Republicans, such as King, have been praised, and even funded by, progressives such as billionaire George Soros.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal

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