Soft jihad has a U.S. partner: The federal government’s terrorist ‘hands-off’ list

Soft jihad has a U.S. partner: The federal government’s terrorist ‘hands-off’ list

The patterns go from disturbing, confusing, and challenging to downright frightening.

Senator Charles Grassley, reacting to demands for information from the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), procured an email trail that indicates known supporters of terror organizations are on a “hands off list” for entry into the U.S. The information focuses on an individual not named, but his associations are apparently known: The Holy Land Foundation (subject of the largest terror financing trial in U.S. history), the Muslim Brotherhood, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and Hamas: The A Team of terrorism.

The ‘hands off list” resides with Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, according to CBP. If history is any indicator, the list will be immediately denied and then turn up in 20 months.

President Obama has been decidedly “soft” on Islamists. Islamist-inspired events motivate him to warn us not to leap to conclusions, even in the event of obvious circumstances. He did this after the Boston Marathon bombings and after Fort Hood, which was deemed “workplace violence,” not a terror attack. There are at least seven known Jihadist sympathizers in senior administration positions.

During Congressional hearings, Holder simply could not bring himself to admit that Islam had any part in terror activity, nearly turning himself inside out to avoid the question. It all represents an attitude if not formal policy. Attitude is, however, the fountainhead of actions.

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsi, then-President of Egypt, received full support from President Obama, even as he turned away from the Christian genocide going on in Egypt and dismissed the democratic process that elected him. Knowledge of the President’s Muslim sympathies come to us not from right wing nut jobs but from his former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. At the U.N. the President spoke of the need for all to demonstrate respect for the Prophet of Islam, in the context of the now-infamous Benghazi video. The administration’s early positions on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict mirrored, in some respects, Hamas’s positions, those positions delivered by none other than Susan Rice. You may notice that there is no requirement that Islam be held to that same standard of respect for other faiths.

The individual in question has apparently entered the U.S. dozens of times and twice sued CBP due to “secondary inspections” upon his arrival in the country. Someone knew he was a bad actor, knew the connections, and ignored them. Classic “soft Jihad” by way of the law and publicity, it appears that the “hands off” designation may have been a result of those two law suits. Those who have studied the threat with a degree of intellectual integrity know that one of our most fundamental problems is the inability to call the threat by its name and to name it by its deeds.

During the Holy Land Foundation trial, the Islamist strategy in the U.S. was clear: Use the legal system, sympathies, the media, and American generosity against America. As we look at the constant stream of offenses claimed by Brotherhood-affiliated American organizations, as we look at what happens on college campuses and in the media, it seems to be working rather well.

D.E. Landreaux

D.E. Landreaux

D.E. Landreaux began writing political commentary to realize an irresistable urge to have a voice in the political process beyond the voting booth. He also blogs at


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