Sharyl Attkisson confirms CBS shutdown Benghazi reporting

Sharyl Attkisson confirms CBS shutdown Benghazi reporting

If you’ll recall, Sharyl Attkisson was one of the only reporters within the mainstream media vortex who dared investigate issues including Benghazi, Fast and Furious, and ObamaCare. Shortly after the Benghazi terrorist attack on our consulate, Attkisson began uncovering documents within the State Department indicating that information was being withheld and covered up from the public. Shortly thereafter, all her reporting on the subject disappeared from CBS air time and even digital entities.

Attkinson dished out some of the startling revelations with Bill O’Reilly:

Attkisson joined Bill O’Reilly Thursday night to tell him exactly what happened behind the scenes, explaining that Fast & Furious, for example, was not pursued because there was a “lack of interest” at CBS. She told O’Reilly, “They just decided on their own that the story was done.”

On Benghazi, Attkisson said she “pursued that aggressively” because it was a story she believed was worth pursuing, but again, “interest was largely lost.”

She explained that she was officially told “there’s no time in the broadcast, they really really like the story” but in unofficial channels people called her a “troublemaker” for digging up dirt on these issues.

It isn’t that this is so surprising as it is alarming. Here we have incidents which resulted in deaths and CBS News was not interested in lifting a finger to find out what went wrong? This is the subversion that occurs which willfully keeps a good portion of the general public completely uninformed. The power of the media that is most dangers can be the power to simply ignore.

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