FCCgate: The content of news and the character (or lack thereof) of Democrats

FCCgate: The content of news and the character (or lack thereof) of Democrats

Even Clinton consigliere Lanny Davis is outraged that the Federal Communications Commission would even entertain the idea of placing government agents in news rooms for the purpose of monitoring the content of broadcasts by the press for companies they license.

Thanks for belated small favors, Mr. Democrat, but where were you when Obama, Pelosi and Reid first came for our right to contract for insurance policies we liked (and could afford) and free political speech-tax-exempt-status? Cheering them on. Where were you when your Democratic Party banished deepwater-oil-drillers to Brazil and delayed the Keystone XL pipeline as they declared a war on coal? Not championing cheap energy for the poor and middle class, that’s for sure.

The outrages committed by Democrats over the past five (and 50) years that have driven millions of Americans out of the work force and relegated millions more to poverty are legion. But only when Red State Democrat senators face re-election after voting for Obamacare do they get their minds right. And only when Big B. Hussein Brother threatens to place FCC agents at MSNBC do you accept an invitation from FNC to echo the cries of outrage from conservatives:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: … Anyway, Andrea Tarantula [sic] said, “Is that why they’re doing this, sending these monitors into these news rooms because they feel like they’re losing hold of the messaging?”

LANNY DAVIS: This is nuts.  I can’t help your audience at all loves to disagree with me. But most people, in the Fox audience at least, seem to.  I think this is crazy.  It is unconstitutional.  Whatever they do with it, uh, it clearly could have a chilling effect on news gathering.  We have a First Amendment.  Whoever at the FCC calls themselves a Democrat much less a liberal Democrat cannot be behind this, and I would really question the sanity of somebody at the FCC even thinking of this idea.

LIMBAUGH: Andrea Tarantula [sic] said, “They want to ask if a reporter has ever been called by their boss whether or not a story can be approved or not. So essentially they’re asking the reporters and station managers to rat out their bosses.  What’s the unintended consequence of that?”

DAVIS: L-l-look, I’m really having a hard time, uh, other than saying whoever, uh, is saying that this is happening… The FCC, someone at the FCC has to say this is not true. Because if it’s true, then President Obama ought to be firing everybody he can over there who thought about this idea.

If President Obama fired everyone at the FCC that had this idea, it wouldn’t make any difference. President Obama would simply replace those let go with other Democrats who share his own anti-Fox News paranoia, repeatedly expressed by him over the past five years. Much as if the Chief Executive were to fire those at the IRS that simply acted to carry out the logical import of his own (and Sens. Baucus, Schumer, Democrats et al’s) post-Citizens United scare rhetoric with disproportionate audits and 501(c)(4)-application-delaysand-denials of conservative taxpayers wishing to organize opposition to his and other Democrats’ elections in 2012.

Of course, the Democratic Party always has an identity-politics (as opposed to results-based reason and logic) fig leaf to hide behind when it acts upon its we-liberal-experts-know-best, totalitarian-instincts. This time it was to explore why so few African-Americans own media outlets?

Of course, the content of press reports has nothing to do with offers to buy news media companies. And of course, White owners of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN et al are not known for aversions to accepting green dollars from non-Caucasian hands. But of course, the reason for the FCC invasion of press pools is not about alleged race discrimination. Rather, it’s about the same thing as was Democratic President Woodrow Wilson’s Sedition Act: To affect a chilling effect on the reporting of opposition to liberal-Democrat policies and candidates.

And why shouldn’t Democrats keep pushing the unconstitutional envelope given its success in the Election of 2012 and the refusal of GOP congressional leadership to use their constitutional power of the purse as a check and balance upon King Obama’s dictatorial exercise of executive power. That outrage is second only to Obama’s and its only to We the People’s refusal to fire him and Senate Democrats when we had the chance 15 months ago.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Mike DeVine

Mike DeVine

Mike DeVine is a former op-ed columnist at the Charlotte Observer and legal editor of The (Decatur) Champion (legal organ of DeKalb County, Georgia). He is currently with the Ruf Law Firm in Atlanta Metro and conservative voice of the Atlanta Times News.


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