Oliver North: ‘We have a second revolution occurring in America, a renewal of freedom’

Oliver North: ‘We have a second revolution occurring in America, a renewal of freedom’

In December, Attorney General Holder boasted that the FBI disrupted 148 mass shootings and violent attacks last year. Those disruptions were attributed, in part, to “steering potential gunmen toward mental health professionals,” according to the Associated Press.

Even though the FBI allegedly stopped a large number of attacks, there were almost as many they didn’t disrupt. Mass Shooting Tracker says last year there were 122 mass shootings where at least two people were killed.

Despite the kneejerk reaction among gun control advocates following such attacks, Breitbart News declared that 2013 wasn’t the year of gun control, but rather “the year of the gun.” They made this comment to Oliver North in an exclusive interview with him. They asked the colonel’s opinion about what could be done to translate this momentum into victory in November 2014.

His response was:

I honestly think that what we’ve got is a second revolution occurring in America: a renewal of freedom. And it’s not simply a matter of gun rights – the Second Amendment – it’s the First Amendment too.

Just think about some of the challenges to the First Amendment that we’ve seen over the course of the last five years of this administration. Think of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, and the Fifth Amendment as well.

Literally the challenge for us who believe in freedom, liberty, and responsibility – the kinds of things that our Founders really had in mind – 2014 is an opportunity for us. Every member of the House of Representatives is up for election and one third of the Senate is up. We can send a message across the country that this is the year of freedom.

To do this we have to switch the language from “you’re entitled” to “you’re responsible.

Will 2014 be the year to fight not just for reaffirming Americans’ Second Amendment rights but all the rights we were afforded by our founding fathers? North answered that question this way:

As Charlton Heston was famous for saying, the idea that you can have any of the other parts of the Bill of Rights without the Second Amendment is foolishness. The Second Amendment is the key to the other nine.

Joseph L. Parker

Joseph L. Parker

Joseph L. Parker has written for Conservative Firing Line, the magazine Grace and Mercy, and has published over 550 articles for the Examiner.


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