Black mob violence: No break for the holidays (Part 2 of 2)

Black mob violence: No break for the holidays (Part 2 of 2)

Blacks under arrestThe holiday season also witnessed a familiar trend in the media: that of glossing over the race of perpetrators of black mob violence.

In the Chicago suburb of Orland Park, dozens of blacks destroyed property at a local mall. Five were arrested. The reporters at the local Patch outlet were careful to avoid the racial issue, but its readers were not:

How does one comment on this and NOT sound racist or some stereotype. You can’t. So I won’t try.  Though some liberal will say I’m being racist or stereo typical but I’m not the ones who named their children ‘Shat-I-Vanna’ SERIOUSLY?! Then raised her in a way to think this was an appropriate way to behave. Sadly, all too often stereotypes exist for a reason. You may call it a stereotype or racist while I call it STATISTICS. See, no way to reply to this TRUTHFULLY and not sound like some dumb ass clan member, so I won’t try. Sorry, if the truth hurts. People are too afraid to speak the truth these days.

Over at America’s best cop blog: Second City Cop, readers learned about 500 black people “wilding” at Chicago’s North Riverside mall a few days after Christmas.

When the wilding started in the mall, I would have estimated about a 500 hundred Amish thugs fighting and running like savages. Store locked their doors and security waited until about 25 squad cars from the surrounding areas came and cleared the mall.

They were not really Amish.

In Syracuse over the weekend, eight black people were arrested at the Destiny USA mall after police and security responded to a “large fight.” One of the people arrested, a 14-year old boy, allegedly swung a knife at police.

Many in Syracuse said it reminded them of a similar incident last year, when police were called to the same mall for another large fight involving blacks. When police attempted to detain a 15-year old suspect, he resisted. Two of his friends attacked the officers.

After he was subdued and arrested, police found a sawed-off shotgun in his long coat. Three shotgun shells were found next to the body of an unconscious person at the scene of the fight.

No account of the racial violence over the last several weeks would be complete without mentioning the Knockout Game, and its continuing popularity among “players.” Or not, if you work for CNN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, MSNBC and other media outlets.

From Brooklyn, Columbus, Rochester, Milwaukee, Harlem, and other places, reports of spontaneous, unprovoked, black on white racial violence continue to come in. And continue to be denied in many — but not all — popular press outlets.

Recent widescale black mob violence —at night after the clubs close, during the day at black high schools  — has also been reported in Atlanta,  Philadelphia, Baltimore, Tulsa, Washington, Baton Rouge, Middletown (Connecticut), Pittsburgh, among others.

What recently received the most attention were the (pick one) 300, 400, 500, or 600 “teens” rampaging through Kings Plaza mall in Brooklyn — the same neighborhood where 10 blacks surrounded a white couple in a car at a stoplight and beat them in November.

For two hours on the day after Christmas,

[T]he teenagers stole merchandise, assaulted security guards, and broke candy jars. A group of teenage girls were caught on camera fighting and shouting while security guards tried to break them up.

Merchants reported widespead panic and property damage, so much so that many were forced to close their doors to protect their customers and merchandise.

The New York Post made a perfunctory attempt to convince its readers this was not another example of black mob violence. It reported “A tall white guy with a grey bubble coat was wearing a ski mask and a skull cap and he had his hand under his coat like he was holding a gun.”

But videos, social media, and members of law enforcement tell a different story: This was a black crowd at a mall with a large black clientele. Chicks on the Right tracked down some of their Facebook postings.

‘[Kings Plaza] was on tilt today but n-ggas wasn’t catching me,’ Ray Ray Sextana posted on Facebook.

Another teen, Mark Wallace, posted, ‘S–t was crazy at Kings Plaza. So the security started shutting down the mall and kicking all teens out but it was so much of us they couldn’t get control.’

He added,’F–ked up my middle finger tryna fight them bitch ass security guards.’

A skeptical viewer at the ABC news affiliate in New York still had trouble sorting out the details: “Just wondering, but why are there so many variations on what happened Thursday? Some say claim that there were hundreds of teenagers, that nothing was stolen or it was just these group of girls fighting.”

There are too many witnesses, too many videos, too many victims, too much damage, for people to deny the existence of large-scale black mob violence and black on white crime.

The New York Times keep denying it, but many black media outlets are way past that — and now into excusing it by explaining away what happened. This article from the Atlanta Black Star is as good as anything you can find in Ebony, Jet, The Grio, One News, Huffington Post Black Voices, The Field Negro, or dozens of other black media outlets: 5 Reasons Young Black Men Resort To Violence.

Part 1 of this two-part feature is here.

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Colin Flaherty

Colin Flaherty

Colin Flaherty is the author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it” — a #1 Amazon bestseller. He has written for Los Angeles Times, NPR, Court TV, FrontPage Magazine, and WND.


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