AARP: Knockout game victims are often ‘people of color’

AARP: Knockout game victims are often ‘people of color’

Al Sharpton knockoutIn what must be a typo, a blog from the AARP today reported on the “knockout game,” as targeting “people of color.” The post then discussed the Conrad Alvin Barrett case. Barrett, whose attorney claims suffers from bipolar disorder, is a white man who punched an elderly black man last week.

Barrett’s case was notable for two reasons: He is the first known white man to have engaged in the “knockout game,” and he is also the first to be federally charged with a hate crime.

The AARP report described the game in the following way:

“It involves knocking out an unsuspecting victim with a single punch. Some news organizations have reported that the “game,” in which people of color, often older, are randomly attacked by young “players,” has become an epidemic. Others, while acknowledging that the game exists, brand the so-called trend an urban legend.” [emphasis added]


It MUST be a mistake. Right?

Conrad Alvin Barrett, by the way, was likely motivated to indulge in the knockout game because of irresponsible news reporting. That is not this author’s opinion, but that of Robin Abcarian of the LA Times, who condescendingly wrote yesterday,

“Could it be because he’d seen so many news stories recently hyping the idea of a “knockout game” trend, and he was looking for a little racial revenge? Many of those stories goosed the lazy narrative that black teens were randomly attacking white people.”

Ms.  Abcarian, some reckless black teens have been “randomly attacking white people.” There is no justice in avoiding that obvious fact. Is Al Sharpton promoting that “lazy narrative”?

And if you would like to discuss reckless reporting, perhaps you should consider the fact that Trayvon Martin is a household name, while so many other victims are not.

And perhaps, Ms.  Abcarian, then you can consider the highly under-reported fact that crimes against white people in the name of Trayvon happened over, and over, and over, and over again.

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