It’s the law … except when it isn’t

It’s the law … except when it isn’t

It's The Law TweetRemember this? The sniveling, arrogant proclamation from the White House that the Affordable Care Act is law (and therefore is above reproach)?

Perhaps the White House would be wise to remember that pride comes before the fall. A glitch-prone website, millions of health care cancellations, and the president’s plummeting poll numbers have led to numerous “tweaks” and delays for the law that was supposedly “settled” over a year ago. In fact, the administration has failed to meet ONE THIRD of the deadlines for the Affordable Care Act.

Let’s Review:

1. Cuts to the Medicare Advantage Program were postponed until after the 2012 election. How convenient.
2. The employer mandate was delayed until 2015.
3. Out-Of-Pocket caps were waived until 2015.
4. “If you like you plan, you can keep it…for a year.” Those who have plans who don’t meet the ACA’s standards can keep them for another year.
5. The deadline for 2015 enrollment was pushed from October 15, 2014, to November 15, 2014, after the 2014 elections. Again, how convenient.
6. Small business online enrollment was delayed a year.

And now…

7. The White House will allow some who are facing canceled plans to buy catastrophic plans instead, plans that had been, until now, deemed “junk” by the White House.

“If you like your junk plan, you can keep it.”

Perhaps the law isn’t as solid as the White House originally proclaimed. To butcher a Marx quote, Obamacare likely contains the seeds of its own destruction. It’s unworkable and those on whom the law’s success/failure rests, young people, want little to do with the it at all. Many of these delays and fixes are merely a last ditch effort to save the law before it is not salvageable…if it isn’t already.

“It’s the law, except when it isn’t.”

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Amy Lutz

Amy Lutz

Amy Lutz is assistant editor for social media and outreach for TheCollegeConservative. She has served as the Chair of the Saint Louis University College Republicans, Vice-Chair of the Missouri College Republicans, a policy intern at the Show-Me Institute, and as an intern at the Dana Loesch Show.


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