Welcome to the new America: More atheists and Muslims, fewer Christians and Jews

Welcome to the new America: More atheists and Muslims, fewer Christians and Jews

The new Dar-us-Salaam mosque recently constructed in New Tampa, Fla.
The new Dar-us-Salaam mosque recently constructed in New Tampa, Fla.

If progressives bent of destroying America’s Judeo-Christian value system are anything, they’re patient.

Case in point would be The Daily Telegraph’s Blog Editor Damien Thompson’s article published on Dec. 16, 2013.

Citing numerous sources ranging from The Washington Post to NewsMax.com, Thompson compiles factual data available to posit that the state of belief, or disbelief as the case may be, is definitely in a state of change in the United States.

While mainstream Protestantism and Catholicism have been the bulwark of religious faith in this nation for over two centuries, those same demographics are relatively unchanged, at least if defined culturally versus actually.

The Protestant strongholds of the South and Midwest remain so, as do the Catholic bastions of the Northeast and Southwest, but only on paper.

While the numbers of those who identify themselves as “Cultural Catholics” or “Cultural Baptists,” etc. remain high, the number of people who attend religious services on a regular basis has nosedived in the past 50 years.

During the 1950s, church attendance for all Christians was in the 80% to 70% range. Currently, the number is closer to 17% to 20%.

An Even Bleaker Picture for Children of Abraham…

Never constituting more than 2% of the nation’s population, Judaism has taken a drop that Christians only dream of in their worst nightmares.

As cited in a recent Pew Research Survey on Religion and Public Life, the numberof Jews who identify themselves “as Jewish solely by culture or ancestry rather than religion has jumped from 7% to 22% since 2000.”

Oy Vey in Palm Bay…. 

Despite the city of Miami Beach, Fla., having 15 past mayors of the Jewish persuasion, as well as well over 200 operating synagogues in South Florida, the actual number of observant Jews is outnumbered by practicing Muslims.

Known for large families as well as many of the adults in the medical and financial professions, the Muslim population is predicted to soon not only be slightly ahead of Judaism in the Sunshine State, but to figuratively see it as a very small speck in its rear view mirror.

Atheism as the Fastest Growing Belief…

As Thompson’s brutal honesty shines through, “in 2013, America’s fastest-growing religious allegiance is ‘None’ – that is, agnosticism shading into atheism.”

Thompson also notes that America is secularizing, just like Europe, and secularizing with amazing speed.

Twenty per cent of America… up five per cent [from 15] in just the last five years, by far the biggest, most under-represented minority in America.

Pew Research states atheism have grown by upwards of 25% just the past five years.

T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman is a retired Master Sergeant of Marines. He has written for Examiner, Conservative Firing Line, and other blogs.


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