Stupid media bias tricks: The ‘embracing the suck’ edition

Stupid media bias tricks: The ‘embracing the suck’ edition

Embrace the SuckThis was a strange week in the world of the media. We learned that a selfie could dominate the coverage of a great man’s funeral, especially when it is accompanied by the traditional wife look of death, and that the word Obamacare should be called the O-word because it’s uber-racist. We also got another example of Al Sharpton being the only “reverend” I know who doesn’t believe in the 9th commandment about bearing false witness.

This week, President Obama won an award for Lie of the Year and still repeated the IRS scandal lie about a few rogue people in the Cincinnati office. Chris Matthews told us that Mitch McConnell hates America and John Kerry lied about the Bush Administration.

Since last Friday, the Huffington Post declared that pro-abortion people have religious rights but pro-life people don’t. CNN had a balanced debate on climate change that really ticked off Media Matters and the Democrats started running bogus 2014 ads early.

It was also a big week for anti-Semitism and anti-Israel statements.

Below are the stupid media bias tricks hinted at above plus many more from the last seven days. Headlines are linked to the full article (and will open a new window). When it is a broadcast story the video/audio will also be found at the end of the link. So Embrace the Suck Click on the links and read about the stupid bias tricks of the last week

The Jewish Daily Forward Accuses Hillel International of Censorship

In a Jewish Daily Forward op-ed called “Censoring Hillels Goes Against Jewish Traditions,” Rabbi Andy Bachman strongly disagrees with the Hillel International position of telling the Swarthmore College Hillel that if they break the organization’s guidelines by bringing in anti-Israel speakers, Hillel will remove permission for its name to be used.

Al Sharpton Doubles Down on O’Reilly Slander

On his Thursday night program, Al Sharpton addressed accusations that he played a deceptively edited video of Bill O’Reilly’s remarks on the death of Nelson Mandela which seemed to imply the Fox host was attacking the South African leader when, in fact, he was praising him as a “great man.”

President Obama Wins PolitiFact’s Lie of The Year

On Thursday afternoon, PolitiFact faced the inevitable in it’s annual “Lie of The Year.” The clear winner of the year’s biggest lie was a statement made over and over in many forms by President Obama: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”

Max Blumenthal Doubles Down On The Jew Hatred

Sometimes Max Blumenthal goes out of his way to prove his anti-Semitic stripes, such as the picture below showing the former Media Matters employee pretending to be an observant Jew, holding a prayer book, wearing a yarmulke and praying to a frightening picture of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Swarthmore College Hillel Opens Door To Anti-Israel Speakers

The Hillel Student Board of Swarthmore College has overridden Hillel guidelines and opened their doors to Anti-Zionist speakers. The board voted unanimously to become an “Open Hillel” and to work with pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel groups. The Hillel student board’s resolution stated that these guidelines are discriminatory, “privilege only one perspective on Zionism, and make others unwelcome.”

HuffPo’s Hypocritical Pro-Abortion Op-Ed

Reverend Donna Schaper, Senior Minister of the Judson Memorial Church, took an untenable pro-abortion position in a Huffington Post op-ed on Thursday. She claims that by allowing companies such as Hobby Lobby to purchase insurance without birth control and abortion coverage, women’s freedom of religion is being violated, but ignores the obvious fact that people who are pro-life have the same rights.

Pink Floyd Star Calls for Boycott of ‘Brutal, Oppressive’ Israel, ‘Right-Wing Rabbinate,’ and ‘Jewish Lobby’

Only days after former Pink Floyd star Roger Waters defended using an anti-Semitic prop in his concerts (a giant inflatable pig wearing a Star of David), CounterPunch magazine published an interview with the aging rockstar in which he called for action against what he described as the Nazi-like actions of Israel, the “right-wing rabbinate,” and “the Jewish lobby.”

Media Matters Blasts CNN For Having A Balanced Debate On Global Warming

A post published on Media Matters’ site Wednesday called “The Worst Climate Change Misinformer In America Is On CNN” ripped CNN for having a climate change discussion featuring Mark Morano of Climate Depot.

Christiane Amanpour: Israel ‘Isolated’ Like Apartheid South Africa

Christiane Amanpour was part of the team sent by CNN to cover the memorial honoring Nelson Mandela on Tuesday. At one point, Amanpour, a longtime critic of Israel said, “I honestly can’t help but think right now about Israel and the Palestinians.”

Panel: Criticism of Obama Selfie is Racist and Sexist

On Wednesday’s Thomas Roberts program on MSNBC, the host and his panel discussed the coverage of President Obama’s “selfie” with the British and Danish Prime-Ministers, and the speculation that the First Lady was glaring at the merry trio, calling it racist and sexist.

CNN Anchor Interjects Domestic Politics Into Obama’s Mandela Eulogy

While the President’s Mandela eulogy seemed heartfelt, personal, and free of the swipes at his domestic opponents that many of his speeches contain. Despite the nonpartisan tone of the President’s speech, CNN anchor Suzanne Malveaux, who was hosting a segment wrapping up the service, insisted on interjecting domestic politics into the discussion.

Democratic Super-Pac Uses Old Info to Create Bogus Ad

A new TV ad created by the liberal House Majority Pac is a great example of how political advertising can lie even when it appears it is giving truthful, sourced information to the voters.

Outrage: Melissa Harris-Perry Used Racist, Derogatory Term On Air

Just weeks before labeling the term “Obamacare” a racist and hateful word conceived by “wealthy white men,” designed to elevate themselves “above and apart from a black man” and to “shame and divide and degrade,” MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry employed the same racist and derogatory word herself on her own show.

Dear Emily Hauser, Please Stop Lying About The Jews

The progressive Daily Beast on Monday had a post from their resident writer on Jewish Issues Emily Hauser. The article written in the form of an open letter called, “Dear fellow Jews — I implore you: Please, please stop trying to make people shut up.”

WaPo Fact Checker: There Was No 2003 Iran Nuke Offer Made to U.S.

One of the memes of supporters of the P5 +1 deal with Iran is the United States rebuffed a peace offering by Iran in 2003, and instead went forward with sanctions that ultimately failed. Glenn Kessler, fact checker of the Washington Post, however, disagrees, assigning the claim three Pinocchios, which according to his scale, means it contains “significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions.”

Melissa Harris-Perry: Obamacare is the New N-Word

MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry began her Sunday program discussing a racist and hateful word conceived by “wealthy white men,” designed to elevate themselves “above and apart from a black man” and to “shame and divide and degrade.” These same people have even labeled the president with the word. The word? “Obamacare,” the new N-word.

Obama Shirks Responsibility for IRS Scandal

President Obama may be returning to the discredited, “a few rogue people in the Cincinnati office” excuse for the IRS Scandal.

Sharpton: Obama Fights Tougher Opposition Than Mandela Did

Friday’s Now With Alex Wagner on MSNBC began as a celebration of the life of Nelson Mandela before shifting to an effusive comparison of President Obama to the fallen South African Icon.

Matthews: McConnell Wants To Hurt Country So He Can ‘Destroy’ Obama

Near the end of the segment fellow panelist Al Sharpton opined that while Mandela had an opposition that put country before politics, Obama’s opposition put politics first. Matthews became inspired, saying that Sharpton’s statement is the best he’s heard in five years.

Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz is editor and publisher of the The Lid, and a weekly political columnist for the Jewish Star and TruthRevolt. He has also contributed to, HotAir, and PJ Media’s Tattler.


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