My true love gave to me a National Day of Action

My true love gave to me a National Day of Action

Today is the union-sponsored National Day of Action, but you might be wondering what exactly that means. So I sifted through the list of events and categorized them for you:

11 press conferences

8 noisy rallies

7 groups a-gathering

6 town halls

5 marches on public buildings

4 “come togethers”

3 movie screenings

2 teach-ins

and a “customized Christmas carol that will target the racist destabilization of schools in communities of color, and address school closures, corporate profiteers, charter expansion and other key issues in the district.”

Mike Antonucci

Mike Antonucci

Mike Antonucci is director of the Education Intelligence Agency and has written for The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Investor’s Business Daily, HotAir, and The American Enterprise. He is co-author of the critically acclaimed “This Land Is Our Land: How to Win the War Against Private Property” and has appeared on Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor.

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