Bald Eagles soaring over rallying patriots become a symbol for liberty

Bald Eagles soaring over rallying patriots become a symbol for liberty


In the Town of Campbell, Wisconsin on Saturday, two Bald Eagles soared over a group of people fighting for their right to simply stand on a public sidewalk and wave a flag after that right was taken away by an unconstitutional town ordinance.

The soaring Eagles inspired the liberty advocates, who came from far and wide to stand in frigid temperatures (below zero wind chill!) to defiantly and peacefully stand against the ordinance, which was clearly targeted toward the group Overpasses for America.

The town board said it was about safety. Maybe their intentions were pure, if misguided. One cannot help but to consider that a group of people waving flags on a public overpass is no more distracting than a billboard.

Or this group in Wisconsin.

Unfortunately, the town is not relenting on their decision. Perhaps they will reconsider.

Four citations were given to people, bringing the total number of citations issued to five. One of the men targeted, who was at the rally with his son, happened to be carrying a Cross he made himself.

Despite no mention of religious symbols in the ordinance, the gentleman was given a $132.90 ticket. The embedded photo shows the man’s son looking at the police officer in disbelief.

What was the lesson for this little boy?

As reported yesterday at Tavern Keepers, Jerry Miller, an Overpasses group leader for the La Crosse, WI area said,

“about 30 minutes after we started, two bald Eagles circled over us for about 15 minutes.”

Attendee Ron Watkins said, “watching the eagles circling overhead…was, simply put, amazing.”

Rob Haines, a state leader for the Overpasses group in Wisconsin, also said that seeing the Eagles strengthened their resolve. Was it a sign? Who knows?

But one thing is clear: the Bald Eagles are a symbol for freedom and liberty.

Rob Haines said,

“I’m doing it for my kids and everyone else’s kids.”

The “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” movement, founded by James Neighbors, has Facebook pages for each state. The Wisconsin chapter has 892 members, and the main page has over 71,600 followers at the time of this writing. To join the movement in your state, the links to each state can be found at this post.


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