Waitress in anti-gay receipt flap has refunded some ‘sympathy donations’

Waitress in anti-gay receipt flap has refunded some ‘sympathy donations’

PayPal refund messageAccording to long-standing friends and acquaintances of Dayna Morales, almost everything the New Jersey waitress serves comes with a side order of lies. According to NBC New York, as of yesterday they also come with a refund — at least so far and in selected cases.

After Morales, who is gay, went public with a story that customers had stiffed her, writing on their receipt, “I’m sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle,” a PayPal account was set up in her name by people sympathetic with her plight. Donations began pouring in from all over the world. One of the donors, Brittney Stilgenbauer of Tuscon, told NBC:

I felt awful for her, and I thought it would be great if people could come together and donate a dollar each and make up for her tip that she lost.

After about a month, the customers whose receipt Morales had claimed carried the anti-gay message came forward and exposed the story as a lie. They had written in a generous tip on the receipt and nothing more. They even presented their credit card bill to prove their story was on the up-and-up.

That Morales’s story was on the down-and-down became obvious, as those who knew her came forward. It turns out she had lied about everything from serving in Afghanistan as a Marine to being the only member of her squad to survive an enemy attack to having been raped and impregnated by her father. Yesterday, it was reported that she had even lied about donating a portion of the tips she collected via PayPal to the Wounded Warriors Project.

But, as NBC notes, this week three people who sent money to Morales’s PayPal account said their electronic donations were refunded. Has Dayna Morales turned over a new leaf? Stilgenbauer, who initially set up the PayPal account in her name, hopes so. “Hopefully her heart was in the right place and she’s sorry,” she said.

Then again, Morales insists she has been telling the truth all along.

LU Staff

LU Staff

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