Dr. Ben Carson is right when he says, ‘We are better than this’

Dr. Ben Carson is right when he says, ‘We are better than this’
Ben Carson (Image: YouTube screen grab via Fox News)

Ben CarsonBefore Ben Carson was thrust into the political spotlight due to a speech he made next to a squirming President Obama in February, he was a symbol for all Americans who aspire to greatness. Cuba Gooding Jr. even played him in a movie. Against the odds, and with the faith of his mother who made a huge impact on his life, Carson became a world renowned pediatric neurosurgeon.

To a “packed auditorium” this week, he said that he has a vision for America, as reported at MLive. He said, “We are trying to make America the place of dreams for everybody. We want to bring people up.”

The way to do this is not to perpetuate a culture of dependency, which undoubtedly keeps people down. Rather, he said,

“We want this to be a place where every person, regardless of where they are born, can have that dream, that hope of rising, of excelling, of making a contribution to our society.”

The special thing about Ben Carson is that he inspires greatness, because he embodies what America can provide to those who have big dreams and work hard to fulfill them.

In a Washington Times OpEd on Tuesday, in one paragraph, Carson calls Americans to action.

He passionately declared,

“We are better than this. We must reject the notion that slick political maneuvering and dishonesty are inevitable in government and must be tolerated. We no more need to tolerate such things than we need to tolerate tyranny. The choice is ours. Let us call upon our leaders and representatives to change the culture to one of trust and decency consistent with our Judeo-Christian values. If they refuse, we the people must remove them from office, which is our duty to ourselves and to our progeny.”

Recalling a National Public Radio interview he did where a journalist asked him why he doesn’t speak more about race, Carson responded, “Because I am a neurosurgeon.” Indeed.

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