University reinstates prof suspended after delivering anti-Republican rant in classroom

University reinstates prof suspended after delivering anti-Republican rant in classroom

William PennNo wonder President Obama is so eager to get more students into college despite the diminishing returns of possessing a college degree. According to a recent survey, 1 in 7 members of academia slavishly hews to the most liberal political ideals.

One of them, a professor at Michigan State University (MSU), was relieved of his teaching duties after he was captured in a hidden video angrily berating conservatives.  That’s the somewhat encouraging news. The bad news is that he is been reinstated and will return to the classroom early next year.

According to Campus Reform, William Penn, who teaches creative writing,  told his class that the Republican Party was racist and that its members have worked systematically to suppress the black vote. In the same lecture, he also railed out at former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and accused Republicans of raping the country.

Despite his removal from the classroom after the video went viral he was allowed to continue to collect his annual salary of $146,510. He is scheduled to begin teaching again on Jan. 6, 2014.

A statement from the university reads:

In the meantime, as part of MSU’s commitment to create a learning environment characterized by mutual respect and civility, a faculty committee created by Academic Governance continues to review the responsibilities of faculty members and the impact of social media on teaching and learning.

Myra Adams

Myra Adams

Myra Adams is a media producer and political writer. She was on the 2004 Bush campaign's creative team and the 2008 McCain campaign's ad council. Writing credits include, National Review, Washington Examiner, World Net Daily, Breitbart and many others. Contact Myra at

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