McAuliffe robocalls falsely claim Ken Cuccinelli supports Obamacare, taxpayer funding of abortion

McAuliffe robocalls falsely claim Ken Cuccinelli supports Obamacare, taxpayer funding of abortion

ken_cuccinelli_04Forget all the talk of Terry McAuliffe cruising to an easy victory in Virginia.  It seems Democrats in that state are so nervous they’ve taken to issuing robocalls falsely claiming Ken Cuccinelli supports Obamacare and taxpayer-funded abortion.  This despite the fact that Cuccinelli was the first to file a lawsuit against the massive law.

According to a post at the Washington Free Beacon, the recording claims to be paid for by the Democratic Party of Virginia.

Scott Lingamfelter, a Republican member of the House of Delegates, wrote on Facebook:

About 25 minutes ago (7:24 PM 3 November) the Democratic Party of Virginia dropped a robo-call (that they said they paid for in the recording) at MY house to try to tell ME that Ken Cuccinelli supports Obamacare and public financing of abortion!!!

Virginia, pa-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz understand that the party that wants Terry McAuliffe to be your governor will flat lie about anything! If you want proof that they will say ANYTHING to gain power over you and your life, you need go no further than the “robo-lies” they are sending around Virginia this Sunday evening. They are shameless in their tactics. (I guess they are trying to suppress GOP voters.)

Virginia GOP chairman Pat Mullins told the Free Beacon Democrats are attempting to reduce Republican turnout.

“The Democrats are actively trying to keep Republicans from turning out,” Mullins said.

“The Democrats have shown they’ll do anything to win. This is just one more example,” Mullins added. “It’s a despicable attempt at voter suppression. It’s shameless, it’s dishonest, and it’s utterly unsurprising.”

Democrats have also engaged in activities that have turned off some voters, like sending mailers designed to “guilt” people to the polls.

The Free Beacon said:

One of those mailers, sent by the DPVA, included a “chart that shows your household’s public voting record in past elections.” The party said it would “mail you an updated chart after the election that will show whether or not you voted.”

The mailer’s wording closely resembles a sample letter used in a study by Yale University political scientists Alan Gerber and Donald Green on the use of social pressure by political campaigns to get out the vote.

Mailers like these, they say, can increase voter turnout by five percent.

But if McAuliffe is so certain of victory, why the false claims when everyone knows Cuccinelli strongly opposes Obamacare and opposes abortion?  Why does McAuliffe feel the need to lie to voters?

If McAuliffe will lie to the voters today, just imagine what he would do to Virginia once elected.



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Joe Newby

Joe Newby

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