, other scam sites and Kaiser-now-non-Permanente?, other scam sites and Kaiser-now-non-Permanente?

kaiser_logoWhen it comes to compassion for the sick, Obama Democrats can’t compete with the late Henry Kaiser, including his Kaiser Permanente healthcare legacy.

Maybe that’s why they are trying to destroy it in favor of a government-run healthcare monopoly.

Before the federal government’s Medicare and Medicaid programs  so distorted medical service delivery in the United States via their market-distorting interventions, that campaign discussions of post-Hillary Obamacare did not disqualify non-McCain Democratic Party nominees for President, one of America’s best-and-brightest had already paved the way for truly affordable healthcare and insurance.

Sadly, post-Obamacare, even Henry J. Kaiser’s crowning institution is threatened by President Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats’ fundamentally transformed America:

Hundreds of thousands of Americans who purchase their own health insurance have received cancellation notices since August because the plans do not meet Obamacare’s requirements. The number of cancellation notices greatly exceed the number of Obamacare enrollees.


Insurance carrier Florida Blue sent out 300,000 cancellation notices, or 80 percent of the entire state’s individual coverage policies, Kaiser Health News reports. California’s Kaiser Permanente canceled 160,000 plans — half of its insurance plans in the state — while Blue Shield of California sent 119,000 notices in mid-September alone.

With his country in the grip of a Dust Bowl and Great Depression, Henry Kaiser put Americans to work on Hoover (fka Boulder) and Grand Coulee Dams that would water a new Fruited Plain and much of the American West. And how were all those workers many miles from city hospitals to get medical care? Did President Obama’s liberal ancestors forego golfing vacations to Hawaii to fund the building of hospitals on the Colorado and Columbia rivers? Not hardly. Did President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal take care of the injured, sick and those with child? Nope.

Instead, Kaiser Permanent created its revolutionary “prepayment” medical program. Somehow, Americans managed to increase life expectancy by more than 30% and win two world wars after the War Between the States and before LBJ signed Medicare into law. In fact, after America’s Navy was devastated at Pearl Harbor, it was the same Henry J. Kaiser,  heretofore a ship building-novice, that famously re-tooled manufacturing operations to turn out Liberty Ships every four days to meet the Empire of Japan’s threat. And it was to he and General Motor’s President “Big Bill” Knudsen, that FDR turned to build the Arsenal of Democracy which defeated Facism in the Pacific and across the Atlantic pond within three years, thus securing Liberty and security for half the planet.

President Obama and the Democrats couldn’t even build a functioning website in less time. And as to its Liberty and security:

More than 700 websites have been created with names playing off of Obamacare or, making it likely that some Americans will mistakenly hand over private information to unknown third-parties. For instance, there is a website — — that brands itself as part of the “Obamacare enrollment team,” directs people to an “Obamacare enrollment form” and asks users for their name, address, Social Security number and other contact information. According to a counter at the bottom of the page, more than 3,000 people have visited

Of course, given the premium and deductible sticker shock found on non-scam Obamacare exchanges, it remains to be seen whether one can get a better deal from the scammers, but even if you happen to log in on to the the Democrats’ “legitimate” (WARNING: Logging on to this government-run website could be hazardous to your health), you are still at risk for identity theft:

For more information about cyber security issues, visit the website of Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI).

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Mike DeVine

Mike DeVine

Mike DeVine is a former op-ed columnist at the Charlotte Observer and legal editor of The (Decatur) Champion (legal organ of DeKalb County, Georgia). He is currently with the Ruf Law Firm in Atlanta Metro and conservative voice of the Atlanta Times News.


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