PETA to Redskins: Keep name, drop the Indian

PETA to Redskins: Keep name, drop the Indian

redskins-potato-petajpg“There are more important things…”

The Kansas City Star refuses to call the Redskins “the Redskins,” Bob Costas threw a halftime hissy-fit on national television, and when he’s not padlocking National Monuments shut, Barack Obama found the time to weigh in on the controversy. But the good folks at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) may be the geniuses that have come up with a compromise that could bring Apoca-Redskin-Gate to a merciful end, as reported by on Oct. 14, 2013.

While Redskins owner Daniel Snyder steadfastly refuses to ever change the name of his team, PETA recommends the ‘Skins remain the ‘Skins.

Just one caveat: Dump the profile of the Indian warrior complete with feathers, exchange him for a potato complete with garnishment.

As the carnivorless ectomorphs stated in their on-line website:

When you hear the word ‘redskin,’ what do you immediately think of? Potatoes, of course! And who could be offended by a harmless redskin potato—except, maybe, for the Yukon Gold lobby (and if Alaska had a football team, rest assured that we’d be the first to suggest the Yukon Gold Diggers as a franchise name).

Obviously not realizing that Alaska is part of the United States, and the Yukon is part of the Dominion of Canada, the cucumber crunchers went on to say:

The redskin potato would be a noble mascot for a variety of reasons. Potatoes are also native Americans, having been cultivated in Peru for millennia. A tasty, versatile, animal- and environmentally friendly vegan staple, potatoes are now the most popular vegetable in the U.S.

An Actual Opinion of an Actual American-Indian…

Tommy Yazzie, superintendent of the Red Mesa School District on the sprawling Navajo Nation Reservation that spreads across sections of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah, opines that the alleged controversy is much ado about nothing, citing there are other problems that deserve immediate attention.

“There are more important things like busing our kids to school, the water settlement, the land quality, the air that surrounds us,” the superintendent said. “Those are issues we can take sides on.”

The Red Mesa High School’s football team is nicknamed the Red Mesa Redskins.

T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman is a retired Master Sergeant of Marines. He has written for Examiner, Conservative Firing Line, and other blogs.


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