MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Opposition to Obama due to South losing Civil War

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews: Opposition to Obama due to South losing Civil War

memorial14n-vyj-webIt’s no surprise to hear that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews thinks opposition to Obama is due to racism, but now the talk show host claims that opposition to Obama is rooted in resentment over the fact that the South lost the Civil War, a conflict fought some 150 years ago, Sterling Beard reported at the National Review Online Monday.

Matthews made the unbelievable claim while speaking with Sam Stein of The Huffington Post and Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post, Beard said.

After showing a photo of a lone protester with a single Confederate battle flag at Sunday’s Million Vet March in Washington, Matthews argued that “there’s a piece of this thing from the beginning, this hatred of Obama. It’s not specifically racial — it’s also regional, it’s historic, you hear people refer to ‘the cause.’”

He also claimed that that opposition to Obama carried a “redolent attitude of: we got screwed in the war, we didn’t have enough guns and railroad cars, or whatever, and were coming back to fight the big fight now.”

Using a graphic that read, “Party like it’s 1861,” Matthews asked Stein why protesters like the Confederate flag bearer wanted to “re-create that emotion that led us to the horrible Civil War…Why do they want it again?”

Stein speculated that it had to do with states’ rights but Matthews claimed it was part of a conspiracy to delegitimize Obama.

“They want put an asterisk next to his name, like he really wasn’t president,” Matthews opined.

Capehart parroted the far-left talking point that “the idea that there is a an African-American family in the White House and a black man in the Oval Office is a little too much change for [them] to bear.”

Matthews’ latest attempt to employ Saul Alinsky tactics, however, only revealed his own ignorance of the history behind the Confederate battle flag — originally designed to help Southern forces identify their own lines during the conflict so as to minimize casualties from friendly fire.

Today, many — like Matthews — confuse the battle flag with the actual Confederate ensign, the Stars and Bars.

Of course, Matthews failed to inform his viewers that there was only one such flag discovered at the protest, but that would have hampered his lame attempt at propaganda.

Matthews was not the only member of the so-called “mainstream media” — known as the “Democrat-media complex” — to turn a single battle flag into a 21st century invasion by Robert E. Lee.  Watching the coverage — what little of it there was — one would think there was a sea of Confederate battle flags at the protest instead of just one.

Capehart also contributed to that effort in a piece at the Washington Post where he compared the battle flag to a Nazi swastika, essentially comparing all of the protesters, including veterans, to followers of Hitler.

Naturally, Matthews and his guests ignored the Marine Corps flag carried by the protester.



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Joe Newby

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