Dem party chair who wished death on children of Cruz aide declares himself martyr

Dem party chair who wished death on children of Cruz aide declares himself martyr

Allan BrauerIt’s kind of soon to play “Where are they now?” with Allan Brauer, former communications chair of the Sacramento Democratic Party. His 15 minutes of fame came and went only last Friday when he tweeted a death wish for the children of a speech writer for Ted Cruz, then apologized, then announced he was vacating his post.

Nevertheless, the foul-mouthed Brauer is back, declaring his martyrdom.

According to Twitchy, he tweeted on Sunday:

I resigned from that position because the last thing I want to do is harm the Democratic Party.

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It’s understandable that he wouldn’t to give a black eye to the party whose leaders recently called their opponents in Congress “squealing political pigs” and “neanderthals.” Then again, it’s hard to damage a political organization that preaches tolerance one minute and, the next, tells South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to go “back to wherever the hell she came from.” (For the record, that would be the town of Bamberg, up the road a piece from the state capital, though you can’t expect Dick Harpootlian, South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman, to know that when he hands out racial insults.)

But as Twitchy notes, martyrdom comes with a price if your name is Allan Bauer. You get to complain that it was not you who failed but the media:

For the members of the media who are following me to see what I say next, I hope you enjoy my focus on how the media is failing America.

Nor was Brauer’s brush with notoriety sufficient to get him to clean up his act:

And I’m getting a psych eval from a notorious f**kup. How meta.

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