MT lt. gov. ‘accidentally’ ‘likes’ FB boob site, quickly scrubs account

MT lt. gov. ‘accidentally’ ‘likes’ FB boob site, quickly scrubs account

Barack Obama
Speaking of boobs…

Here’s the problem with American politics: Not enough humans acting like real, honest-to-Pete humans, warts and all. You have the president of the United States looking like an absolute dork so that he won’t send the wrong (read: politically incorrect) message about bicycling without a helmet. (True — the mom jeans don’t help, but, helmet aside, this guy is a dork.)

To get right to the point, BuzzFeed notes:

The Democratic party’s top recruit for the U.S. Senate race in Montana has a Facebook problem. Either he’s dangerously clumsy with the site’s iPhone app — or he recently let the world know how much he appreciates breasts.

A screengrab captured by a Republican operative with interest in the 2014 Senate race shows Democratic Lt. Gov. John Walsh — whom national Democrats are hoping will jump into the Senate race soon — ‘liked’ a Facebook profile featuring pictures of women’s breasts on Facebook around 9:45 p.m. on Aug. 19. The name of the account is ‘Breasts.Proof men can multitask2.’

Walsh’s Facebook profile disappeared sometime later before reappearing later with the ‘like’ deleted.

One of the images from the Facebook page
What’s not to like? One of the images from the Facebook page

Let’s assume for the moment that the page in question contained pictures of the female breast (how to put this delicately?) “unclothed.” It doesn’t, but if it did, where is the harm in a red-blooded male of the species admiring — even (perish the thought!) becoming sexually aroused by — naked breasts?

Why do we insist that our statesmen be so pure you can eat off their forehead? How much better off are we when our pols’ sexual fantasies are so inhibited by a false sense of morality that they gravitate toward sexting naked photos of their most intimate parts à la Carlos Danger?

BuzzFeed goes on to note that “a senior Montana Democrat close to Walsh said the ‘like’ was a mistake on Walsh’s part,” adding:

This was spam and an unintentional accident. Once the Lt. Gov. knew that it had happened it was immediately removed from the page. It looks like D.C. Republicans are so fearful of John Walsh running for Senate that they’re attacking a war hero with spam. That’s the best they got?

Let’s turn that question around. Here is a man who gets caught not even with his pants down, and yet the act is seen as so pernicious that a party operative feels impelled to run interference for him, claiming it was sabotage. That’s the best they got?

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