You want to have a conversation on race? Fine, let’s start with this video

You want to have a conversation on race? Fine, let’s start with this video

White toddler and slightly older black girlsDespite still being a nation of cowards as of this past April, the U.S. these days does nothing but talk about race. We talk and we talk, but — as Mark Twain quipped about the weather — we do nothing about it.

That is because the two sides in the conversation — (most) blacks and liberals on the one hand (Faction A), everyone else on the other (Faction B) — have differing opinions on what the conversation should be about.

As noted yesterday, when the focus of the dialog is on racial grievance (read: when a black person is abused by a white person), Faction A’s appetite for conversation (and action, especially of the legal kind) is inexhaustible.

But when the subject turns to black antipathy toward whites, which sadly often manifests itself in violent crime, the desire for dialog quickly recedes. That is why the president, one of the more flagrant offenders, has had nothing to say about the murder of either Chris Lane or Delbert Belton.

To jump-start the conversation, I suggest that Faction A and Faction B both view the video below, which was emailed to me by LU contributor Colin Flaherty. (Be warned, the footage is extremely hard to watch.)

The video was originally posted on the Facebook page of one Ray Wright, who is reported to be 12. The page has since been removed, though a screen grab is preserved at the website Ironic Surrealism. The title of the FB post, which was dated Aug. 23, is “When white people p*ss black people off.”

Ray Wright Favebook pageThe identities of the players in this passion play are unknown and so is the relationship among them. My best guess is that they are neighbors. Wright is said to be the videographer. Although it is impossible to state conclusively that the ugly abuse of the toddler is a product of racism learned early, the actions of the two older girls (who are said to be between 6 and 8) are despicable, whatever the motivation. In the early part of the video they spit on the little girl and call her a name (which is indecipherable). They then slap her until she cries and walk away while the little one can be heard bawling, unattended, in the background.

Later in the video, the little white girl offers to share what sounds like a piece of apple. She extends her hand. But a young male voice, presumably Wright’s, instructs the two black girls to “throw it on the ground” — which they proceed to do. Laughter is heard, followed soon after by the sound of crying.

According to Ironic Surrealism, Wright’s mother, Ranika Wills, reportedly said of the incident, “Just a joke. It is not like they really f*cked this little girl up, she’s fine.”

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Howard Portnoy

Howard Portnoy

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