Piers Morgan tweets about 'idiots' who opine that Chris Lane shooting is related to race

Piers Morgan tweets about 'idiots' who opine that Chris Lane shooting is related to race

Chancey Luna, Michael Jones, James Edwards Jr
AP Photo/Stephens County Sheriffs Department

Piers Morgan should probably do a bit more research before making assumptions about motives surrounding the horrific thrill killing of Christopher Lane, who was reportedly murdered “for the fun of it.” Morgan knows the hearts and minds of the teens who committed this crime, apparently.

James Edwards, 15, and Chancey Luna, 16 were charged with first degree murder. The third teen, Michael Dewayne Jones, 17, “was charged with using a vehicle in the discharge of a weapon and with accessory to first-degree murder after the fact,” as reported by Kristie Eaton of the Associated Press.

Piers Morgan tweeted today:

Memo to all the idiots tweeting me that the Australian student murder was a ‘race crime’: one of the 3 killers was white.

The mainstream media undoubtedly pushed the false narrative that George Zimmerman stalked and killed an unarmed teenager based on his race, disregarding the bits that did not support that claim (like the fact that Zimmerman’s head was being pounded onto a cement pavement at the time of the shooting or that Zimmerman “tutored black youths, stood up for homeless blacks and, yes, even supported Barack Obama,” as reported by Michael Dorstewitz of BizPac Review).

In this case, the killers were immersed in the “gangsta” culture, imprinted on their malleable young minds by the mainstream media in the form of the Hip Hop Industry.

Seriously, isn’t it getting old?

Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller reported today:

Edwards’ social media activities are still on stark display and show the teen glorifying hip-hop, violence and sex. Pictures on Facebook also show Edwards and Luna wearing gang colors and flashing gang signs.

Additionally, some of Edwards tweets show rage toward white people. He tweeted that he “knocced out” five white people (woods) “since Zimmerman court.”

More recently…

Piers Morgan has exploited the senseless murder to push his gun control narrative.

Surely, the crime has nothing to do with race or the culture. It must be about guns. Right? The author could not help but to respond to Morgan’s offensive “idiots” tweet:

Incidentally, Sydney, Australia is also battling a “gun” problem. Well, not so much a gun problem as a gang problem. It seems as though the gangsta culture has infected Australia, as well.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported last month that 72 shootings have occurred in “public places” in Sydney this year.

Sydney Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said:

‘A lot of these young men are living the lives of wannabe gangsters and when you live the life of a wannabe gangster, unfortunately the reality is sometimes you will lose your life.’

The authors cited the “drive by” shooting as being “elevated to pop culture status when two heroic rappers, Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G., died in the style in late 1990s.” Heroic rappers, huh?

Well, who says America’s culture does not impact the world? And not in a good way.

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