WH reporters stumped: Not sure what to ask Obama at presser today

WH reporters stumped: Not sure what to ask Obama at presser today

Obama pointingIf practice makes perfect, then being out of practice makes you less than perfect. Accordingly, reporters who will be attending President Obama’s first news conference in more than three months seem to forget what their job at these functions is.

According to WND, CNBC reporter Eamon Javers tweeted, “I’ll be at the President’s press conference in the East Room today at 3. If he calls on me (which he won’t, what should I ask him?” ABC’s Jonathan Karl seemed likewise clueless, tweeting, “So … what would you ask President Obama?”

Joel Pollak of Breitbart.com is not likely to be an attendee at the presser but came up a list of ten questions anyway. These are not, however, questions that Pollack expects reporters will ask but, rather, questions no one will ask. Here, for example, are number 2 and 1, plus a bonus question:

2. You campaigned on the promise to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. Yet you have helped the Taliban open a new office in Qatar, complicating relations with President Hamid Karzai, and recently suggested that there could be a ‘zero option’ in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, as the U.S. withdraws, Al Qaeda is on the offensive across the region, and might return. Are we not repeating the mistakes of the past in Afghanistan?

1. You are about to head into a new round of budget negotiations. Some Republicans leaders have suggested that they are willing to offer concessions on the budget sequester if you commit to entitlement reform. You have spoken in theory about making some cuts but have never presented a plan, on paper, and have rejected all suggestions, even the Simpson-Bowles commission. Where is your plan to reform entitlements?

Bonus question: Last month, you spoke at length about how the African-American community views the death of Trayvon Martin case. You also asked people to respect the decision of the jury. Yet your Department of Justice is still aggressively investigating George Zimmerman, who is living in hiding, though all previous investigations showed no racial bias. Aren’t you violating Zimmerman’s civil rights?

WND notes that others in the blogosphere have offered their own suggestions to the White House correspondents:

  • If your political interests and the best interests of the American people ever coincided, what might that look like, in terms of policy?
  • How many more American need to get killed from Fast and Furious weapons before you call it a real scandal?
  • So what were you doing on the night of 9/11/2012?
  • How much did you get back from Solyndra?
  • I would just ask him to please leave.
  • Are you a phony POTUS?
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