MSNBC's Touré, liberals on Twitter celebrate Clarence Thomas' birthday with hate, death wishes

MSNBC's Touré, liberals on Twitter celebrate Clarence Thomas' birthday with hate, death wishes

ToureOn Sunday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas marked his 65th birthday, prompting liberals on Twitter, including MSNBC’s Touré Neblett, to celebrate with hateful tweets and death wishes, Twitchy reported.

“Why? RT @heartland_: Praying for his longevity 🙂 RT @Toure: Clarence Thomas is 65 today,” the outspoken MSNBC host tweeted.

Most of the anti-Thomas tweets captured by Twitchy were profane and filled with racial slurs.

Conservatives, however, did not let Touré get away with his hateful message.

“@Toure hatred for Obama = racism / hatred for Clarence Thomas = totally cool,” one person tweeted.

“He can say this because he’s a liberal,” said another person.

“@Toure wants black Justice Clarence Thomas to die. Because tolerance,” added J. R. Salzman.

This is not the first time liberals have advocated the death of America’s only African-American on the nation’s highest court.

In Feb. 2011, left wing activists protesting the Koch brothers said Thomas and his wife should be lynched.

Last June, liberals on the social media site directed a number of racist tweets against Thomas, saying he should be returned to slavery.

Earlier this year, liberals on Twitter expressed a desire to murder both Thomas and Justice Antonin Scalia over gay marriage issues that came before the court.

“Nerve-racking day for all my homos out there. Good luck, and if we lose, let’s start a posse and f*****g murder Scalia and Thomas,” one person wrote in a tweet captured by Twitchy.

Death wishes and profane hate from liberals on Twitter is nothing new.

Throughout the 2012 general election, liberals routinely called for the murder of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. They also called for his wife to be killed, and some advocated murdering those who voted for Romney.

Liberals on Twitter have also advocated the murder of Sarah Palin, Governor Scott Walker, Donald Trump and GOP supporters in general. Some also targeted a six-year-old boy after a pro-Romney video went viral.

Question:  Does MSNBC approve of this kind of hate being spewed by its pundits?



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