Peace through pork: Idaho company sells pork-laced ammo as deterrent to Islamic terrorism

Peace through pork: Idaho company sells pork-laced ammo as deterrent to Islamic terrorism

Jihawg-Ammunition-9mm-AmmoJihawg Ammo, a company in the north Idaho community of Dalton Gardens, is selling what it calls a “peaceful and natural deterrent” to Islamic terrorism that doesn’t require a presidential apology or diplomatic bowing and scraping — bullets laced with pork.

“Jihadists fear being defiled by pork, especially during Jihad,” the company says on its website.

“Jihawg ammunition is Haraam or unclean to the Jihadist. So when you hear the radical battle cry — ‘allahu akbar!’ It’s time to put some ham in MoHAMed.”

According to the site, the idea came about in 2010 as “patriots from Idaho County, Idaho sat around a campfire enjoying an adult beverage.”

“History of dealings with radical Islam from the days of Jefferson and the Barbary Pirates to actions of Gen. John J. ‘Black Jack’ Pershing in the early 1900’s in the Philippines gave clarity to a modern day market solution-Jihawg Ammo. Our preference is peace first but if a fight is to be had we are determined and resolved to win. Thus came the beginning of the truest form of defensive ammunition ever created in history,” the site adds.

According to Jihawg, the ammunition presents a natural deterrence that will prevent violence by its ownership.

The company stresses that the “nullifying principle” of its product only works in the event of an attack from an Islamist engaging in jihad. Otherwise, the company says, the ammunition works like any other, and insists it be used for defensive purposes only.

News of the ammunition helped the company’s Facebook page grow, but was not welcomed by all.

A post at the Firearm Blog said the ammunition’s only intent is offense, and warns of potential legal issues.

“If you defend yourself with a pistol, the last thing you need or want is a prosecutor holding up a pork covered bullet in court and telling the jury that the person shot was a Muslim,” the post said. “If you want to defend yourself, buy the most effective ammunition possible. Don’t buy cr*p covered in pork. As a community, we are better than this.”

The far left wing site Media Matters is also using the news to attack gun owners.

The idea of using pork to deter Islamic terror is not new, but stories of its use have been somewhat exaggerated.

Legend has it that General Pershing executed Islamic terrorists with bullets dipped in pork, but Urban Legends says the stories are false.

“I never found any indication that it was true in extensive research on his Moro experiences,” said Dr. Frank E. Vandiver, professor of history at Texas A&M University and author of “Black Jack: The Life and Times of John J. Pershing.”

A post at Snopes calls the veracity of the account “undetermined.”

Another story says Russians buried Muslim terrorists in pig skins as a deterrent.

A 2002 post at Free Republic, citing Arutz Sheva, says Russian security officials “have decided to bury the terrorists from last’s week’s hostage siege wrapped in pig’s skin.” The link to Arutz Sheva, however, does not work, and we were unable to locate verifiable media accounts indicating the Russians actually buried terrorists in pig skins.

In 2004, Aretz Sheva reported that Israeli security officials considered placing bags of lard on buses as a deterrence to suicide bombers.

“If bags of pig lard will prevent zealous Muslim terrorists from carrying out attacks, I’m all for it,” said Deputy Defense Minister MK Yaakov Edri.



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