Brit patriots who take to streets to show solidarity, respect for butchered soldier met with police brutality

Brit patriots who take to streets to show solidarity, respect for butchered soldier met with police brutality

zx113182_1London cops look the other way for Muslims… but beat Pro-English marchers.

Before the cries of “Allah Akbar” had finished echoing through the Woolwich neighborhood, which had just witnessed the butchering and beheading of a member of Her Majesty’s Forces in broad daylight, patriotic British citizens attempted to march in support of the slain Squaddie. They were met with club-wielding London police officers, as reported by The Daily Mail.

A yet-to-be-identified British Army soldier was the victim of what has officially been deemed a terrorist attack by two individuals on the streets of the Woolwich area of London yesterday. By all reports, the bloody jihadist terror attack took place no more than 200 yards from Her Majesty’s Royal Artillery Barracks.

The Modern Day Minutemen…

Within hours, over 100 members of the pro-British patriotic English Defence League (EDL) dropped everything and rushed to defend freedom and democracy. Armed with nothing more than words as well as understandable indignation and anger at the very public slaughtering of a British soldier in broad daylight, the EDL marchers shouted out throaty and repeated yells of “England … England.” More than a few times, the age old patriotic tune of “Rule Britannia” was lustily and proudly sung.

But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others…

Other than being loud, the crowd was orderly. Still the London Metropolitan Police Force riot squad was dispatched shortly thereafter, not to protect the pro-law and order organization, but rather to corral them by force. Armed with crowd control riot shields and billy clubs, the police formed a cordon around the EDL members to keep them penned in one area only as well as to impede the march from moving throughout the Woolwich neighborhood.

There has been no official explanation of why patriotic groups such as the EDL are routinely targeted by police, but it was revealed in a 2009 report from The Express (of London), that the city’s Metropolitan Police have been ordered to “take it easy” on Muslim extremists.

As this video shows, the London police have taken it so easy on violent Jihadi Islamist marchers that they actually run away from them, rather than maintain order and control on the streets of the capital.

Has the Freedom to Speak Your Mind Been Extinguished in London…?

With many of the EDL members waving the historic English red and white St. George’s flag, many others sported knit caps emblazoned with the EDL logo. The organization’s leader, Tommy Robinson, addressed the crowd with less than politically correct thoughts on how Great Britain was being governed.

Using words and phrases that the average American would consider standard free speech, Robinson stated:

We have got weak leadership. They have allowed this to happen. People are scared to say the word ‘Muslim.’ They are scared to offend them. You know what? We are offended. People in this country are angry. They have had enough.

Unknown individuals reportedly threw bottles at the police, and that was all required for them to charge the EDL marchers and “disperse” them.

Besides beating more than a few marchers, there were no individuals arrested due to the EDL members complying with all the orders of the police.

T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman is a retired Master Sergeant of Marines. He has written for Examiner, Conservative Firing Line, and other blogs.


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